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Title: Chromosomal polymorphism of D. subobscura: no differences between wild males and sons of wild females
Author: Zivanovic, Goran
Arenas Solà, Concepción
Mestres i Naval, Francesc
Keywords: Drosòfila subobscura
Polimorfisme genètic
Drosophila subobscura
Genetic polymorphisms
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: University of Oklahoma
Abstract: When analyzing the chromosomal polymorphism of D. subobscura natural populations it is assumed that the information provided by wild males and sons of wild females is equivalent. Thus, using both in the analysis it is possible to increase the sample size. However, it is important to verify whether there are significant differences between both groups or not. The aim of this research has been to statistically compare the results of chromosomal polymorphism of both groups. We have used data from Avala Mountain (Serbia) where D. subobscura flies were collected from the 30th May to the 5th June 2011. Avala is located 18 km south of Belgrade and the trapping place is a forest with polydominant communities of Fagetum submontanum Table 1. Number and percentage of adult flies collected in Font Groga (Barcelona, Spain) on 9th October 2013. Males and sons of wild females were crossed with virgin females of the Küsnacht strain. Third instar larvae from F1 were dissected to obtain the salivary glands and the polytene chromosomes were stained and squashed in aceto-orcein solution. No significant differences were observed for any chromosome of the karyotype: A (p-value = 0.485), J (p-value = 0.230), U (p-value =0.572), E (p-value = 0.536), and O (p-value = 0.338). Thus, it seems that the two groups can be grouped together to obtain the chromosomal polymorphism of the population.
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It is part of: Drosophila Information Service, 2014, vol. 97, p. 37-38
ISSN: 0070-7333
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