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Title: Anàlisi didàctica d'alguns dels mòduls del museu de matemàtiques de Catalunya (MMACA)
Author: Agudelo Riba, Marina
Director/Tutor: Muria Maldonado, Sergi
Keywords: Didàctica de la matemàtica
Treballs de fi de grau
Material didàctic
Museus de ciències
Sondejos d'opinió
Mostreig (Estadística)
Mathematics teaching methods
Bachelor's thesis
Teaching materials
Science museums
Public opinion polls
Sampling (Statistics)
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2015
Abstract: This project of final grade is related to MMACA, the Mathematics Museum of Catalonia. The aim of this project is to work out materials of some of the modules of the museum because, basically, school teachers be able to keep on working in the rooms. The chosen modules have been of varied topics: “L’arc catenari o catenària”, “L’arc de mig punt”, “Còniques”, “De l’octàedre al cub”, “El Pantògraf”, “La suma de nombres quadrats”, “Els Tres triangles equilàters” , “Vestir políedres”, “Taules de multiplicar 3D” and “Les Torres de Hanoi”. The material consists of two different formats: the indicated module paper and a didactic guide of this. Next to it, we’ll give a brief explanation about the contents which are included both in the paper and in the didactic guide. • The module paper consists of a brief format, clear, precise and very visual which let the teacher easily know the way the module works and some aspects related. This document is useful both for before seeing the module and after. • The didactic guide is a more extended and elaborated kind. Its content is the one which lets go further in a more specific way the competences and the story of the module. And the most important, it includes a few activities to be done in the room or as homework for the student. Most activities are divided into two parts: the one which let build the original module and the second one, which let work related aspects through its done construction. In the project’s memory we can find a little information about the MMACA. Also, a relation of the museums and exhibitions in the world. Moreover, we can find a personal diary of each of the visits and interviews made in MMACA, from the very first moment to ht very last one. What we can also find is the results of some survey done to he students and to the teachers which have visited the museum, with excellent and very good results. As for me, now that I am about to finish the Mathematics Grade, this project has been useful for me to get my vocation, which is the mathematics teaching. I have been able to see how the museum works, I have been with the students visiting the museum and have heard their opinions. It’s been a lovely experience.
Note: Treballs Finals de Grau de Matemàtiques, Facultat de Matemàtiques, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2015, Director: Sergi Muria Maldonado
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