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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Experimental evidences for universality of acoustic emission avalanche distributions during structural transitionsCarrillo Galdó, Lluís; Mañosa, Lluís; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-; Planes Vila, Antoni; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard
1998D-String on near horizon geometries and infinite conformal symmetryBrandt, Friedemann; Gomis Torné, Joaquim; Simón, Joan
1999Structure of large 3He-4He mixed drops around a dopant moleculePi Pericay, Martí; Mayol Sánchez, Ricardo; Barranco Gómez, Manuel
1997Gauge transformations in the Lagrangian and Hamilton formalisms of generally covariant theoriesPons Ràfols, Josep Maria; Salisbury, D. C.; Shepley, L. C.
1996Discriminating signal from background using neural networks: Application to top-quark search at the Fermilab TevatronAmetller, Ll.; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís; Stimpfl-Abele, G.; Talavera Sánchez, Pedro; Yepes, P.
1997Limits on Anomalous Couplings from Higgs Boson Production at the Fermilab Tevatron ColliderCampos, F. de; González García, Ma. Concepción; Novaes, S. F.
1999The effective electroweak chiral Lagrangian: The matter sectorBagán, Emili (Bagán Capella); Espriu, D. (Domènec); Manzano, J.
1998Dimensional reduction and gauge group reduction in Bianchi-type cosmologyPons Ràfols, Josep Maria; Shepley, L. C.
1998Matching at one loop for the four-quark operators in NRQCDPineda, Antonio; Soto Riera, Joan
1998Large-q neutron inclusive-scattering data from liquid 4HeRinat, A. S.; Tarangin, M. F.; Mazzanti, F.; Polls Martí, Artur