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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Histopathological evaluation of root canal filling materials for primary teethSilva, Léa Assed Bezerra da; Leonardo, Mário Roberto; Oliveira, Daniela S. B. de; Silva, Raquel Assed Bezerra da; Queiroz, Alexandra Mussolino de; Gatón Hernández, Patrícia; Nelson Filho, Paulo
2011FiltekTM Silorane and FiltekTM Supreme XT resins: tissue reaction after subcutaneous implantation in isogenic miceRuiz de Castañeda, Esther; Silva, Léa Assed Bezerra da; Gatón Hernández, Patrícia; Consolaro, Alberto; González Rodríguez, Encarnación; Silva, Raquel Assed Bezerra da; Queiroz, Alexandra Mussolino de; Nelson Filho, Paulo
Feb-2012Fiscalmanía número 28: novedades que debemos conocerTovillas Morán, José María
Nov-2011Fiscalmanía número 25: novedades que debemos conocerTovillas Morán, José María
2011Chemical etching without acids: from early etching solutions to today's corrosive saltsFigueras Ferrer, Eva
17-Mar-2011Identity, non-identity, and near-identity: Addressing the complexity of coreferenceRecasens Potau, Marta; Hovy, Eduard; Marti Antonin, M. Antonia
2011Technological, biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic advances: new formulations of application on the skin and oral mucosaCalpena Campmany, Ana Cristina; Clares Naveros, Beatriz; Fernández, Francisco
3-Mar-2011Antibiotic resistance genes in the bacteriophage DNA fraction of environmental samplesColomer-Lluch, Marta; Jofre i Torroella, Joan; Muniesa Pérez, Ma Teresa
28-Jan-2011The p38/MK2/Hsp25 pathway is required for BMP-2-induced cell migration.Gamell Fullà, Cristina; Susperregui, Antonio G.; Bernard, Ora; Rosa López, José Luis; Ventura Pujol, Francesc
2011Resveratrol: A polyphenol with multiple effectsPlanas i Rosselló, Joana M.; Colom Codina, Helena; Juan i Olivé, M. Emília