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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2012Comparative study of upper lip frenectomy with the CO2 laser versus the Er, Cr: YSGG laserPié Sánchez, Jordi; España Tost, A. J. (Antonio Jesús); Arnabat Domínguez, Josep; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Jan-2012Central odontogenic fibroma: retrospective study of 8 clinical casesHrichi, Radia; Gargallo Albiol, Jordi; Berini Aytés, Leonardo; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Sep-2010Thermal increment due to ErCr: YSGG and CO2 laser irradiation of different implant surfaces. A pilot studyGómez Santos, Laila; Arnabat Domínguez, Josep; Sierra Rebolledo, Alejandro; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Nov-2010Histologic evaluation of thermal damage produced on soft tissues by CO2, Er,Cr:YSGG and diode lasersCercadillo-Ibarguren, Iñaki; España Tost, A. J. (Antonio Jesús); Arnabat Domínguez, Josep; Valmaseda Castellón, Eduardo; Berini Aytés, Leonardo; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Jul-2010Scientific evidence on the usefulness of intraarticular hyaluronic acid injection in the management of temporomandibular dysfunctionEscoda Francolí, Jaume; Vázquez Delgado, Eduardo; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Mar-2012A prospective, randomized, triple-blind comparison of articaine and bupivacaine for maxillary infiltrationsVílchez Pérez, Miguel-Ángel; Sancho Puchades, Manuel; Valmaseda Castellón, Eduardo; Paredes García, Jordi; Berini Aytés, Leonardo; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Nov-2010Application of ultrasound in bone surgery: two case reportsEscoda Francolí, Jaume; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Araceli; Berini Aytés, Leonardo; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Sep-2010Retrospective clinicopathological study of 418 odontogenic cystsNúñez Urrutia, Sergio; Barbosa de Figueiredo, Rui Pedro; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-Jul-2010Myofascial pain associated to trigger points: A literature review. Part 2: Differential diagnosis and treatmentVázquez Delgado, Eduardo; Cascos-Romero, Jordi; Gay Escoda, Cosme
1-May-2012Antibiotic prescription in the treatment of odontogenic infection by health professionals: a factor to consensusGonzález Martínez, Raquel; Cortell Ballester, Isidoro; Herráez Vilas, José María; Arnau de Bolós, Josep M.; Gay Escoda, Cosme