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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-1999On-axis joint transform correlation based on a four-level power spectrumLabastida i Juan, Ignasi, 1970-; Carnicer González, Arturo; Martín Badosa, Estela; Juvells Prades, Ignacio; Vallmitjana i Rico, Santiago
1999NISBET, R.G.M. Collected Papers on Latin LiteratureVelaza, Javier
1999CoFe-Cu granular alloys: From noninteracting particles to magnetic percolationPuntes, Víctor; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier; Labarta, Amílcar
1999Thermally assisted resonant quantum tunneling of magnetization in Fe8 clusterZhang, Xixiang; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Barco, Enrique del, 1968-; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Roig, Agustí; Molins i Grau, Elies; Wieghardt, K.
1999C. Duran i Tort, Carola. Índexs de "La Renaixença" (Barcelona, 1871-1880)Mayer, Marc, 1947-
1999Two-finger selection theory in the Saffman-Taylor problemMagdaleno Escar, Francesc Xavier; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume
1999Slow Dynamics of Ising Models with Energy BarriersLipowski, Adam; Johnston, Des; Espriu, D. (Domènec)
1999Phase-field model for Hele-Shaw flows with arabitrary contrast II: numerical approachFolch Manzanares, Roger; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Ramírez Piscina, Laureano
1999Noise-induced phase separation: Mean-field resultsIbañes Miguez, Marta; García Ojalvo, Jordi; Toral Garcés, Raúl; Sancho, José M.
1999Numerical signs fos a transition in the 2d Random Field Ising Model at T=0Frontera Beccaria, Carlos; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard