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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-2006Observation of the exclusive reaction e+e− → ϕη at √-s = 10.58 GeVGraugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
10-Mar-2006Improved measurement of the b¯b production cross section in 920 GeV fixed-target proton-nucleus collisionsConde, P.; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís; Peralta, D.; HERA-B Collaboration
30-Oct-2006Percolation in Living Neural NetworksBreskin, Ilan; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Moses, Elisha; Tlusty, Tsvi
18-Dec-2006Hydra Molecular Network Reaches Criticality at the Symmetry-Breaking Axis-Defining MomentSoriano i Fradera, Jordi; Colombo, Cyril; Ott, Albrecht
24-Oct-2006Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Photon Energy Moments of B→Xsγ and CP(B→Xs+dγ)Graugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
30-Nov-2006Search for D0−¯¯¯D0 Mixing and Branching-Ratio Measurement in the Decay D0→K+π−π0Graugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
27-Dec-2006Measurements of branching fraction, polarization, and charge asymmetry of B+- --> rho+- rho0 and a search for B+- ---> rho+- f0(980)Graugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
14-Sep-2006Observation of e+e− Annihilation into the C=+1 Hadronic Final States ρ0ρ0 and ϕρ0Graugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
6-Dec-2006Observation of an Excited Charm Baryon Ω∗c Decaying to Ω0cγGraugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
12-Sep-2006Measurement of the Spin of the Ω− HyperonGraugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration