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18-Sep-2017The burden of PCV13 serotypes in hospitalized pneumococcal pneumonia in Spain using a novel urinary antigen detection test. CAPA studyMenéndez, Rosario; España, Pedro P.; Pérez-Trallero, Emilio; Uranga, Ane; Méndez, Raúl; Cillóniz, Catia; Marimón, José María; Cifuentes, Isabel; Méndez, Cristina; Torres Martí, Antoni
16-Oct-2017Voltammetric determination of metal ions beyond mercury electrodes. A reviewAriño Blasco, Cristina; Serrano i Plana, Núria; Díaz Cruz, José Manuel; Esteban i Cortada, Miquel
27-Nov-2017Comparative performance of ground vs. aerially assessed RGB and multispectral indices for early-growth evaluation of maize performance under phosphorus fertilizationGracia Romero, Adrian; Kefauver, Shawn C.; Vergara Díaz, Omar; Zaman Allah, Mainassara A.; Prasanna, Boddupalli M.; Cairns, Jill E.; Araus Ortega, José Luis
30-Nov-2017Magnesium phosphate cements formulated with low grade magnesium oxide incorporating phase change materials for thermal energy storageMaldonado Alameda, Alex; Lacasta Palacio, Ana María; Giró Paloma, Jessica; Chimenos Ribera, Josep Ma.; Haurie, L.; Formosa Mitjans, Joan
20-Aug-2018Use of CO as a cleaning tool of highly active surfaces in contact with ionic liquids. Ni deposition on Pt(111) surfaces in ILSebastian, P.; Tuł; odziecki, M.; Bernicola, M.P.; Climent, V.; Gómez, Elvira; Shao-Horn, Y.; Feliu, J.M.
10-Jul-2008Evidence for CP Violation in B0→J/ψπ0 DecaysGarra Ticó, Jordi; Graugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
Mar-2017A voltammetric electronic tongue based on commercial screen-printed electrodes for the analysis of aminothiols by differential pulse voltammetryPérez-Ràfols, Clara, C.; Gómez, Ana; Serrano i Plana, Núria; Díaz Cruz, José Manuel; Ariño Blasco, Cristina; Esteban i Cortada, Miquel
20-Feb-2017Phytochelatin synthesis in response to Hg uptake in aquatic plants near a chlor-alkali plantTurull, Marta; Grmanova, Gabriela; Dago Busquets, Àngela; Ariño Blasco, Cristina; Díez, Sergi; Díaz Cruz, José Manuel; Esteban i Cortada, Miquel
11-Jan-2016Stable isotopes (δ13C, δ15N) combined with conventional dietary approaches reveal plasticity in central-place foraging behaviour of little penguins Eudyptula minorChiaradia, André; Ramírez Benítez, Francisco José; González Forero, Manuela; Hobson, Keith A.
1-Nov-2017Predictors of treatment failure and clinical stability in patients with community acquired pneumoniaMorley, Deirdre; Torres Martí, Antoni; Cillóniz, Catia; Martin-Loeches, Ignacio