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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Railroad Impact in Backward Economies: Spain, 1850-1913Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2006José Ramón Mélida. Arqueología Española. Edición de Margarita Díaz AndreuGracia Alonso, Francisco, 1960-
1-Jan-2006Encuesta de salud oral en España 2005Bravo Pérez, Manuel; Llodra Calvo, Juan Carlos; Cortés Martinicorena, Javier; Casals Peidró, Elías
Oct-2006Gens, gènere i ciènciaGonzàlez-Duarte, Roser
2006Analcime crystallization and compositional profiles - Comparing approaches to detect post-depositional alterations in archaeological potterySchwedt, Alexander; Mommsen, Hans; Zacharias, Nikolaos; Buxeda i Garrigós, Jaume
2006Term structure of interest rates. European financial integrationRuiz Dotras, Elisabet; Fontanals Albiol, Hortènsia, 1956-; Bolancé Losilla, Catalina
2006Building a Social Accounting Matrix within the ESA95 Framework: Obtaining a Dataset for Applied General Equilibrium ModellingLucena, Abel E.; Serrano, Mònica (Serrano Gutiérrez)
2006Income growth and atmospheric pollution in Spain: an input-output approachRoca Jusmet, Jordi; Serrano, Mònica (Serrano Gutiérrez)
2006The choice of banking firm: are the interest rate a significant criteria?Garrido Torres, Antoni; Arqué Castells, Pere
2006(When) are intergovernmental transfers used to bail out regional governments? Evidence from Spain 1986-2001Sorribas, Pilar