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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Agglomeration and labour productivity in Spanish industry: a long-term analysisMartínez Galarraga, Julio; Paluzie, Elisenda; Pons Novell, Jordi; Tirado, Daniel A.
2004Were Spanish migrants attracted by industrial agglomerations?: an analysis for the interwar years in the light of the new economic geographyPons Novell, Jordi; Silvestre, Javier; Tirado, Daniel A.; Paluzie, Elisenda
2005Public health expenditure and spatial interactions in a decentralized national health systemCosta i Font, Joan; Pons Novell, Jordi
2005Potencial de mercado y estructura espacial de los salarios en las regiones españolas, 1955-1995Paluzie, Elisenda; Pons Novell, Jordi; Tirado, Daniel A.
1996Fluctuaciones cíclicas y raíces unitarias en la economia española, 1850-1990Pons Novell, Jordi; Sansó Rosselló, Andreu
2003Why Italy and not Spain?: comparing two industrialization processes from a dissagregate time-series perspectiveTirado, Daniel A.; Pons Novell, Jordi
2000Regional integration and specialisation patterns in SpainPaluzie, Elisenda; Pons Novell, Jordi; Tirado, Daniel A.
1997¿Son excesivamente suaves las series de contabilidad nacional trimestral?Pons Fanals, Ernest; Pons Novell, Jordi
2002The geographical concentration of industry across Spanish Regions, 1856-1995Paluzie, Elisenda; Pons Novell, Jordi; Tirado, Daniel A.
2000Integración económica y localización industrial. Cataluña, la fábrica de España: ¿cuándo y por qué?Tirado, Daniel A.; Paluzie, Elisenda; Pons Novell, Jordi