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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2019Innovar en nutrició saludableCanela Campos, Enric I.
17-Jan-2019An In-Depth Look at DNA Crystals through the Prism of Molecular Dynamics SimulationsKuzmanic, Antonija; Dans, Pablo D.; Orozco López, Modesto
24-Jan-2019Higher lactate production from glucose in cultured adipose nucleated stromal cells than for rat adipocytesRotondo, Floriana; Ho-Palma, Ana Cecilia; Romero Romero, María del Mar; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier; Fernández López, José Antonio; Alemany, Marià, 1946-
1-Feb-2019The food energy/protein ratio regulates the rat urea cycle but not total nitrogen losses.Oliva, Laia; Alemany, Marià, 1946-; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier; Fernández López, José Antonio
25-Jan-2019Predicting the Limit of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding with Classical Molecular DynamicsColizzi, Francesco; Hospital Gasch, Adam; Zivanovic, Sanja; Orozco López, Modesto
28-Feb-2019Insulin controls triacylglycerol synthesis through control of glycerol metabolism and despite increased lipogenesisHo-Palma, A.C.; Toro,P.; Rotondo,F.; Romero Romero, María del Mar; Alemany, Marià, 1946-; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier; Fernández López, José Antonio
2019Therapeutic strategies against cancer cachexiaArgilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Stemmler, B.; Busquets Rius, Sílvia
10-Feb-2019Traves a les pràctiques universitàries a l'empresaCanela Campos, Enric I.
5-Apr-2019The endocannabinoid system as a target in cancer diseases: are we there yet?Moreno Guillén, Estefanía; Cavic, Milena; Krivokuca, Ana; Casadó, Vicent; Canela Campos, Enric I.
25-Apr-2019The Origins and the Biological Consequences of the Pur/Pyr DNA·RNA AsymmetryTerrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Genna, Vito; Portella, Guillem; Villegas, Núria; Sánchez, Dani; Arnan, Carme; Pulido Quetglas, Carlos; Johnson, Rory; Guigó, Roderic; Brun Heath, Isabelle; Aviñó, Anna; Eritja, Ramon; Orozco López, Modesto