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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Formoterol and cancer wasting in rats: effects on muscle force and total physical activityToledo Soler, Míriam; Busquets Rius, Sílvia; Sirisi Dolcet, Sònia; Orpí, Marcel; Serpe, Roberto; Coutinho, Joana; Martínez, Raquel; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; López-Soriano, Francisco J.
13-Oct-2010Formoterol treatment downregulates the myostatin system in skeletal muscle of cachectic tumour-bearing ratsBusquets Rius, Sílvia; Toledo Soler, Míriam; Marmonti, Enrica; Orpí, Marcel; Capdevila, Eva; Betancourt Suárez, Angélica Maritza; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.
Jan-2011Nuclear magnetic resonance in conjunction with functional genomics suggests mitochondrial dysfunction in a murine model of cancer cachexiaConstantinou, Caterina; Fontes de Oliveira, Cibely Cristine; Mintzopoulos, Dionyssios; Busquets Rius, Sílvia; He, Jianxin; Kesarwani, Meenu; Mindrinos, Michael; Rahme, Laurence G.; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Tzika, A. Aria
14-May-2016A multifactorial anti-cachectic approach for cancer cachexia in a rat model undergoing chemotherapyToledo Soler, Míriam; Penna, Fabio; Oliva Cuyàs, Francesc; Luque, Melania; Betancourt Suárez, Angélica Maritza; Filomena Marmonti, Enrica; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Busquets Rius, Sílvia
1992Creixement tumoral i metabolisme de l'hoste: dues cares d'una mateixa monedaArgilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Llovera i Tomàs, Marta; López-Soriano, Francisco J.
2015Nonmuscle tissues contribution to cancer cachexiaArgilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Stemmler, Britta; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Busquets Rius, Sílvia
7-Aug-2015Combination of exercise training and erythropoietin prevents cancer-induced alterations.Pin, Fabrizio; Busquets Rius, Sílvia; Toledo Soler, Miriam; Camperi, Andrea; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Costelli, Paola; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Penna, Fabio
18-Dec-2018Biological mechanism-based and patient-centered management of cancer-related symptoms and syndromesMacciò, Antonio; Busquets Rius, Sílvia; Madeddu, Clelia; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.