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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013BioSuper: A web tool for the superimposition of biomolecules and assemblies with rotational symmetryRueda Borrego, Manuel; Orozco López, Modesto; Totrov, Maxim; Abagyan, Ruben
3-Feb-2017Discrete Molecular Dynamics Approach to the Study of Disordered and Aggregating ProteinsEmperador, Agustí; Orozco López, Modesto
10-Dec-2015Residues coevolution guides the systematic identification of alternative functional conformations in proteinsSfriso, Pedro; Duran Frigola, Miquel; Mosca, Roberto; Emperador, Agustí; Aloy, Patrick, 1972-; Orozco López, Modesto
Aug-2012Difining the Nature of Thermal Intermediate in 3 State Folding Proteins: Apoflavodoxin, a Study CaseGarcía Fandiño, Rebeca; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Ayuso Tejedor, Sara; Sancho, Javier; Orozco López, Modesto
29-Jul-2016The differential response of proteins to macromolecular crowdingCandotti, Michela; Orozco López, Modesto
27-Mar-2015Molecular dynamics study of natural existing cavity couplings in proteinsBarbany, Montserrat; Meyer, Tim; Hospital Gasch, Adam; Faustino Pló, Ignacio; D´Abramo, Marco; Morata Chirivella, Jordi; Orozco López, Modesto; Cruz, Xavier de la
31-Aug-2016Prediction and validation of protein intermediate states from structurally rich ensembles and coarse grained simulationsOrellana, Laura; Yoluk, Ozge; Carrillo, Oliver; Orozco López, Modesto; Lindhal, Erik
6-Jan-2017The multiple roles of waters in protein solvationHospital Gasch, Adam; Candotti, Michela; Gelpí Buchaca, Josep Lluís; Orozco López, Modesto
27-Apr-2017PMut. A web-based tool for the annotation of pathological variants on proteins, 2017 updateLópez Ferrando, Víctor; Gazzo, Andrea; de la Cruz, Xavier; Orozco López, Modesto; Gelpí Buchaca, Josep Lluís
14-Jun-2018Allosterism and signal transfer in DNABalaceanu, Alexandra; Pérez, Alberto; Dans, Pablo D.; Orozco López, Modesto