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2-Oct-2016The Anti-inflammatory effect of spray-dried plasma is mediated by a reduction in mucosal lymphocyte activation and infiltration in a mouse model of intestinal inflammation.Pérez Bosque, Anna; Miró Martí, Ma. Lluïsa; Amat, Concepció; Polo Pozo, Francisco Javier; Moretó, Miquel, 1950-
22-Jul-1994The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor mediates the induction of the mitochondrial 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA synthase gene by fatty acidsRodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles; Gil Gómez, Gabriel; García Hegardt, Fausto; Haro Bautista, Diego
20-May-2002Orphan nuclear hormone receptor Rev-erb alpha regulates the human apolipoprotein CIII promoterCoste, H.; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles
22-Apr-2003The human apolipoprotein AV gene is regulated by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha and contains a novel farnesoid X-activated receptor response elementPrieur, X.; Coste, H.; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles
7-Jun-2005Thyroid hormone regulates the hypotriglyceridemic gene APOA5*Prieur, X.; Huby, T.; Coste, H.; Schaap, F.G.; Chapman, M.J.; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles
Aug-2009Differential regulation of the human versus the mouse apolipoprotein AV gene by PPARalpha Implications for the study of pharmaceutical modifiers of hypertriglyceridemia in micePrieur, X.; Lesnik, P.; Moreau, M.; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles; Doucet, C.; Chapman, M.J.; Huby, T.
9-Jul-2015Cognitive impairment induced by delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol occurs through heteromers between cannabinoid CB1 and serotonin 5-HT2A receptorsViñals, Xavier.; Moreno Guillén, Estefanía; Lanfumey, Laurence; Cordomí, Arnau; Pastor Bosch, Antonio; De la Torre Fornell, Rafael; Navarro, Gemma; Gasperini, Paola .; Howell, Lesley A.; Pardo, Leonardo; Lluís i Biset, Carme; Canela Campos, Enric I; McCormick, Peter J.; Maldonado, Rafael, 1961-; Robledo, Patricia.
3-May-2016Oral Serum-Derived Bovine Immunoglobulin/Protein Isolate Has Immunomodulatory Effects on the Colon of Mice that Spontaneously Develop ColitisPérez Bosque, Anna; Miró Martí, Ma. Lluïsa; Maijó Ferré, Mònica; Polo Pozo, Francisco Javier; Campbell, Joy M.; Russell, Louis; Crenshaw, Joe D; Weaver, Eric; Moretó, Miquel, 1950-
1984Càlcul de la dosi eficaç cinquanta (DE50) mitjançant ordinadorDíez Noguera, Antoni
5-Oct-2016Elucidation of the biosynthesis of carnosic acid and its reconstitution in yeastScheler, Ulschan; Brandt, Wolfgang; Porzel, Andrea; Rothe, Kathleen; Manzano Alías, David; Bozic, Dragana; Papaefthimiou, Dimitra; Balcke, Gerd Ulrich; Henning, Anja; Lohse, Swanhild; Marillonnet, Sylvestre; Kanellis, Angelos K.; Ferrer i Prats, Albert; Tissier, Alain
3-Aug-2016Outer membrane vesicles from the probiotic Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 and the commensal ECOR12 enter intestinal epithelial cells via clathrin-dependent endocytosis and elicit differential effects on DNA damage.Cañas Pacheco, Maria Alexandra; Giménez Claudio, Rosa; Fábrega Fernández, Maria José; Toloza Maturana, Lorena; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura; Badía Palacín, Josefa
20-Jul-2016Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 increases lipolysis, UCP1 protein expression and mitochondrial activity in brown adipocytesCalderon-Dominguez, María; Sebastián Muñoz, David; Fucho Salvador, Raquel; Weber Blattes, Minéia; Mir, Joan Francesc; García-Casarrubios, Ester; Obregón, Maria Jesús; Zorzano Olarte, Antonio; Valverde, Ángela M.; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura
1-Dec-2015Second International Congress on Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine Held in Barcelona, Spain, 25-26th September 2015.Castell, Margarida; Saldaña-Ruíz, Sandra; Rodríguez Lagunas, María José; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.
24-Nov-2015Neo-epitopes emerging in the degenerative hippocampal granules of aged mice can be recognized by natural IgM autoantibodiesManich Raventós, Gemma; Augé Marí, Elisabet; Cabezón Rodríguez, Itsaso; Pallàs i Llibería, Mercè, 1964-; Vilaplana i Hortensi, Jordi; Pelegrí i Gabaldà, Carme
26-Aug-2015Inclusion of a pH‑responsive amino acid‑based amphiphile in methotrexate‑loaded chitosan nanoparticles as a delivery strategy in cancer therapyNogueira, Daniele R.; Scheeren, Laís E.; Macedo, Letícia B.; Marcolino, Ana Isa P.; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Infante Martínez-Pardo, Ma. Rosa; Farooqi, Ammad A.; Rolim, Clarice M.B.
Dec-2014Determination of Methotrexate in pH-Sensitive Chitosan Nanoparticles by Validated RP-LC and UV Spectrophotometric MethodsNogueira D.R.; Macedo, Letícia B.; Scheeren, Laís E.; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Infante Martínez-Pardo, Ma. Rosa; Rolim, Clarice M.B.; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
26-Jul-2015Nanoparticles incorporating pH-responsive surfactants as a viable approach to improve the intracellular drug deliveryNogueira, Daniele R.; Scheeren, Laís E.; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Infante Martínez-Pardo, Ma. Rosa; Rolim, Clarice M.B.
Feb-2014Erythrocytes and cell line-based assays to evaluate the cytoprotective activity of antioxidant components obtained from natural sourcesBotta, Albert; Martínez Ocaña, Verónica; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Balboa, Elena M.; Conde, Enma; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
1-May-2016New cationic vesicles prepared with double chain surfactants from arginine: role of the hydrophobic group on the antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicityPinazo Gassol, Aurora; Petrizelli, V.; Bustelo, M.; Pons Pons, Ramon; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Manresa Presas, Ma. Ángeles (María Ángeles); Pérez Muñoz, Lourdes
28-Nov-2015PEGylated and poloxamer-modified chitosan nanoparticles incorporating a lysine-based surfactant for pH-triggered doxorubicin releaseScheeren, Laís E.; Nogueira, Daniele R.; Macedo, Letícia B.; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Infante Martínez-Pardo, Ma. Rosa; Rolim, Clarice M.B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 70