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2019Hypothalamic endocannabinoids inversely correlate with the development of diet-induced obesity in male and female miceMiralpeix, Cristina; Fosch, Anna; Casas, Josefina; Baena, Jose Miguel; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Rosalía; Casals i Farré, Núria
24-Jul-2019The administration of chitosan-tripolyphosphate-DNA nanoparticles to express exogenous SREBP1a enhances conversion of dietary carbohydrates into lipids in the liver of Sparus aurataSilva-Marrero, Jonás I; Villasante, Juliana; Rashidpour, Ania; Palma, Mariana; Fàbregas, Anna; Almajano Pablos, Ma. Pilar (María Pilar); Viegas, Ivan; Jones, John G.; Miñarro, Montserrat; Ticó, Josep R.; Baanante, Isabel V.; Metón Teijeiro, Isidoro
9-Apr-2018Essential control of the function of the striatopallidal neuron by pre-coupled complexes of adenosine A2A-dopamine D2 receptor heterotetramers and adenylyl cyclaseFerré, Sergi; Bonaventura, Jordi; Zhu, Wendy; Hatcher Solis, Candice; Taura, Jaume; Quiroz, César; Ning Sheng, Cai; Moreno Guillén, Estefanía; Casadó Anguera, Verónica; Kravitz, Alexxai V.; Thompson, Kimberly R.; Tomasi, Dardo G.; Navarro Brugal, Gemma; Cordomí, Arnau; Pardo, Leonardo; Lluís i Biset, Carme; Dessauer, Carmen W.; Volkow, Nora D.; Casadó, Vicent; Ciruela Alférez, Francisco; Logothetis, Diomedes E.; Zwilling, Daniel
12-Mar-2018Adenosine A2A receptor antagonists in neurodegenerative diseases:Huge potential and huge challengesFranco Fernández, Rafael; Navarro Brugal, Gemma
31-Mar-2016Basic pharmacological and structural evidence for class A G-protein-coupled receptor heteromerizationFranco Fernández, Rafael; Martinez Pinilla, Eva; Lanciego, José L.; Navarro Brugal, Gemma
28-Nov-2017The epigenetic Cytocrin pathway to the nucleus. Epigenetic factors, epigenetic mediators, and epigenetic traits. A biochemist perspective.Navarro Brugal, Gemma; Franco, Nuria; Martínez-Pinilla, Eva; Franco Fernández, Rafael
18-Apr-2012NCS-1 associates with adenosine A(2A) receptors and modulates receptor functionNavarro Brugal, Gemma; Hradsky, Johannes; Lluís i Biset, Carme; Casadó, Vicent; McCormick, Peter; Kreutz, Michael R.; Mikhaylova, Marina
1-May-2019Reduction of Preneoplastic Lesions Induced by 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine in Rat Colon by Maslinic Acid, a Pentacyclic Triterpene from Olea europaea L.Juan i Olivé, M. Emília; Lozano Mena, Glòria; Sánchez González, Marta; Planas i Rosselló, Joana M.
15-May-2019In Vitro Study of the Anticancer Effects of Biotechnological Extracts of the Endangered Plant Species Satureja KhuzistanicaKhojasteh, Abbas; Metón Teijeiro, Isidoro; Camino, Sergio; Cusidó Vidal, Rosa M.; Eibl, Regine; Palazón Barandela, Javier
7-Dec-2018Development of Pranoprofen Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers to Improve Its Release and Therapeutic Efficacy in Skin Inflammatory DisordersRincón, María; Calpena Campmany, Ana Cristina; Fábrega, María José; Garduño Ramírez, Maria Luisa; Espina García, Marta; Rodríguez Lagunas, María José; García López, María Luisa; Abrego Escobar, Guadalupe
17-Jan-2015Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase is required for efficient repair of cytotoxic DNA lesions in Escherichia coliFerreira, Elaine; Giménez Claudio, Rosa; Cañas Pacheco, María Alexandra; Aguilera Gil, Maria Laura; Aguilar Piera, Juan; Badía Palacín, Josefa; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura
5-Dec-2016Outer membrane vesicles and soluble factors released by probiotic Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 and commensal ECOR63 enhance barrier function by regulating expression of tight junction proteins in intestinal epithelial cellsAlvarez Villagomez, Carina Shianya; Badia Palacín, Josefa; Bosch Marimon, Manel; Giménez Claudio, Rosa; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura
11-Jan-2019Effectiveness of a telephone-based intervention for smoking cessation in patients with severe mental disorders: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialBallbè i Gibernau, Montse; Martínez Martínez, Cristina; Feliu, Ariadna; Torres, Núria; Nieva, Gemma; Pinet, Cristina; Raich, Antònia; Mondon, Sílvia; Barrio Giménez, Pablo; Hernández Ribas, Rosa; Vicens, Jordi; Costa, Sílvia (Costa Juste); Vilaplana i Hortensi, Jordi; Alaustre, Laura; Vilalta, Eva; Blanch, Roser; Subirà, Susana; Bruguera, Eugeni; Suelves, Josep Maria; Guydish, Joseph; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve
6-Feb-2018Multifunctional Serine Protease Inhibitor-Coated Water-Soluble Gold Nanoparticles as a Novel Targeted Approach for the Treatment of Inflammatory Skin DiseasesLimón, David; Fábrega Fernández, María José; Calpena Campmany, Ana Cristina; Badía Palacín, Josefa; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura; Pérez García, M. Lluïsa (Maria Lluïsa)
Mar-2018Outer membrane vesicles from probiotic and commensal Escherichia coli activate NOD1-mediated immune responses in intestinal epithelial cellsCañas Pacheco, María Alexandra; Fábrega Fernández, María José; Giménez Claudio, Rosa; Badía Palacín, Josefa; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura
13-Feb-2019Mechanisms of Impaired Brown Adipose Tissue Recruitment in ObesityAlcalá, Martín; Calderón Domínguez, María; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura; Viana Arribas, Marta
11-Feb-2019Enhancement of immune maturation in suckling rats by leptin and adiponectin supplementationGrases Pintó, Blanca; Abril Gil, Maria del Mar; Castell, Margarida; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels
10-Jan-2019Rotavirus double infection model to study preventive dietary interventionsRigo-Adrover, Mar; Knipping, K.; Garssen, J.; Saldaña-Ruíz, Sandra; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels; Castell, Margarida; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.
23-Feb-2019Relationship between Cocoa Intake and Healthy Status: A Pilot Study in University StudentsRodríguez Lagunas, María José; Vicente, Filipa; Pereira, Paula; Castell, Margarida; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.
2018Preventive effect of a synbiotic combination of galacto- and fructooligosaccharides mixture with Bifidobacterium breve M-16V in a model of multiple rotavirus infectionsRigo-Adrover, Mar; van Limpt, Kees; Knipping, K.; Garssen, J.; Knol, J.; Costabile, Adele; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels; Castell, Margarida; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 178