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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2004Assessment of the potential skin irritation of lysine-derivative anionic surfactants using mouse fibroblast and human keratinocytes as an alternative to animal testingSánchez Molina, Lourdes; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Infante Martínez-Pardo, Ma. Rosa; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
Jan-2013New cationic nanovesicular systems containing lysine-based surfactants for topical administration: Toxicity assessment using representative skin cell linesNogueira, Daniele R.; Morán Badenas, María del Carmen; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Martínez Ocaña, Verónica; Pérez Muñoz, Lourdes; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
Sep-2013Establishment of an in vitro photoassay using THP-1 cells and IL-8 to discriminate photoirritants from photoallergensMartínez Ocaña, Verónica; Galbiati, Valentina; Corsini, Emanuela; Martín Venegas, Raquel; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat
12-Jun-2014Mechanisms underlying cytotoxicity induced by engineered nanomaterials: a review of in vitro studiesNogueira, Daniele R.; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Rolim, Clarice M. B.; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
Jun-2014Lysine-based surfactants in nanovesicle formulations: the role of cationic charge position and hydrophobicity in in vitro cytotoxicity and intracellular deliveryNogueira, Daniele R.; Morán Badenas, María del Carmen; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Pérez Muñoz, Lourdes; Ramos, David; Lapuente Pérez, Joaquín de; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar