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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2004Cèl·lules mare i malalties neurodegenerativesParada, Carolina; Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
2005RNA interference is ineffective as a routine method for gene silencing in chick embryos as monitored by fgf8 silencing.Hernández Hernández, Victor; Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
2010The embryonic blood-CSF barrier has molecular elements for specific glucose transport and for the general transport of molecules via transcellular routes.Parvas, Maryam; Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
2001RNA interference: a new and powerful tool for functional genomic analysis.Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-; Romero Benedí, Rafael; Hernández Hernández, Victor; Sancho, Vanessa; Fernández-Rodríguez, Juana; Cardona, Albert T.; Vila Farré, Miquel
2010Aggressivity, violence, sociability and conflict resolution: What genes can tell us.Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
2011Disruption of embryonic blood-CSF barrier in chick embryos reveals the actual importance of this barrier to control E-CSF composition and homeostasis in early brain developmentParvas, Maryam; Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
2012Difusió de la ciència: repte i responsabilitatBueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
2008Most of the Abundant Protein Fractions of Embryonic Cerebrospinal Fluid are Produced Out of the Brain AnlagenParvas, Maryam; Rius Viladomiu, Marc; Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
Apr-2001Maintenance of A/P body regions in planarians by TCEN49, a putative cystine-knot neurotrophin.Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-; Vispo Barrón, Marcelo; Sancho, Vanessa; Romero Benedí, Rafael
Jan-2001Constitutive expression of FGF4 disrupts the development of the eye and the anterior CNS during mouse embryogenesi, but does not influence the expressionof shh in these areas.Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-; Abud, Helen; Skinner, Judith; Heath, John K.