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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2015The association between obesity and severe disability among adults aged 50 or over in nine high-income, middle-income and low-income countries: a cross-sectional studyKoyanagi, Ai; Moneta, Maria Victoria; Garin, Noe; Olaya Guzmán, Beatriz; Ayuso Mateos, José Luis; Chatterji, Somnath; Leonardi, Matilde; Sainio, Päivi; Galas, Aleksander; Haro Abad, Josep Maria
11-Mar-2015Antidepressant medication treatment patterns in Asian patients with major depressive disorderNovick, Diego; Montgomery, William; Moneta, Maria Victoria; Peng, Xiaomei; Brugnoli, Roberto; Haro Abad, Josep Maria
14-Jul-2015Recreational drug use among individuals living with HIV in Europe: review of the prevalence, comparison with the general population and HIV guidelines recommendations.Garin, Noe; Velasco Muñoz, César; Pourcq, Jan T. de; Lopez, Belen; Gutiérrez, Maria del Mar; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Feliu, Anna; Mangues, Maria A.; Trilla García, Antoni
31-Aug-2016Which are the most burdensome functioning areas in depression? A cross-national studyKamenov, Kaloyan; Caballero Díaz, Francisco F.; Miret, Marta; Leonardi, Matilde; Sainio, Päivi; Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Beata; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Chatterji, Somnath; Ayuso Mateos, José Luis; Cabello, María
17-Nov-2016Population prevalence of edentulism and its association with depression and self-rated healthTyrovolas, Stefanos; Koyanagi, Ai; Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B.; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Kassebaum, Nicholas J.; Chrepa, Vanessa; Kotsakis, Georgios A.
1-Oct-2016Mental disorders among college students in the World Health Organization World Mental Health SurveysAuerbach, Randy P.; Alonso, Jordi; Axinn, William G.; Cuijpers, Pim; Ebert, David D.; Green, Jennifer G.; Hwang, Irving; Kessler, Ronald C.; Liu, Howard; Mortier, Philippe; Nock, Matthew K.; Pinder-Amaker, Stephanie; Sampson, Nancy A.; Aguilar-Gaxiola, Sergio; Al-Hamzawi, Ali Obaid; Andrade, Laura H.; Benjet, Corina; Caldas-de-Almeida, José Miguel; Demyttenaere, K.; Florescu, Silvia; Girolamo, Giovanni de; Gureje, Oye; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Karam, Elie G.; Kiejna, Andrzej; Kovess-Masfety, Viviane; Lee, Sing; McGrath, John J.; O'Neill, Siobhan; Pennell, Beth-Ellen; Scott, Kate; Ten Have, Margreet; Torres, Yolanda; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Zarkov, Zahari; Bruffaerts, Ronny
21-Jan-2017How useful is the EQ-5D in assessing the impact of caring for people with Alzheimer's disease?Reed, Catherine; Barrett, Annabel; Lebrec, Jeremie; Dodel, Richard; Jones, Roy W.; Vellas, Bruno; Wimo, Anders; Argimón Pallás, José M.; Bruno, Giuseppe; Haro Abad, Josep Maria
15-Dec-2014Symptomatic remission and patient quality of life in an observational study of schizophrenia: Is there a relationship?Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Novick, Diego; Perrin, Elena; Bertsch, Jordan; Knapp, Martin
8-May-2015Country-level and individual correlates of overweight and obesity among primary school children: a cross-sectional study in seven European countries.Olaya Guzmán, Beatriz; Moneta, Maria Victoria; Pez, Ondine; Bitfoi, Adina; Carta, Mauro Giovanni; Eke, Ceyda; Goelitz, Dietmar; Keyes, Katherine M.; Kuijpers, Rowella; Lesinskiene, Sigita; Mihova, Zlatka; Otten, Roy; Fermanian, Christopher; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Kovess, Viviane
5-Aug-2015Relationship of insight with medication adherence and the impact on outcomes in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: results from a 1-year European outpatient observational study.Novick, Diego; Montgomery, William; Treuer, Tamas; Aguado, Jaume; Kraemer, Susanne; Haro Abad, Josep Maria