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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Determinants of the omega-3 index in a Mediterranean population at increased risk for CHD.Sala Vila, Aleix; Harris, William S.; Cofán Pujol, Montserrat; Pérez-Heras, Ana Maria; Pintó Sala, Xavier; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Covas Planells, María Isabel; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Ros Rahola, Emilio
28-Jul-2011Different effects of hyperlipidic diets in human lactation and adulthood: growth versus the development of obesityAlemany, Marià, 1946-
1998Dietas terapéuticas, conceptos, controversias y erroresAlemany, Marià, 1946-
2000Methods in the treatment of obesityRemesar Betlloch, Xavier; Fernández López, José Antonio; Alemany, Marià, 1946-
11-Mar-2009Assessment of the levels of degradation in fat co- and by-products for feed uses and their relationships with some lipid composition parametersNuchi, C. D.; Guardiola Ibarz, Francesc; Bou Novensà, Ricard; Bondioli, Paolo; Della Bella, Laura; Codony Salcedo, Rafael
24-Feb-2014Altered nitrogen balance and decreased urea excretion in male rats fed cafeteria diet are related to arginine availabilitySabater Martínez, David; Agnelli, Silvia; Arriarán, Sofía; Fernández López, José Antonio; Romero Romero, María del Mar; Alemany, Marià, 1946-; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier
30-Nov-2012Nitrogen metabolism in Zucker rats is affected by moderate reduction, but not by moderate incerase in dietary proteinRafecas Martínez, Magdalena; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier
22-Feb-2013Modulation in Wistar rats of blood corticosterone compartmentation by sex and prior exposure to a cafeteria dietRomero Romero, María del Mar; Holmgren-Holm, Fredrik; Grasa Martínez, Maria del Mar; Esteve Ràfols, Montserrat; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier; Fernández López, José Antonio; Alemany, Marià, 1946-
6-Oct-2012A radiochemical method for carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase I: application to rats fed a hyperproteic dietArriarán, Sofía; Agnelli, Silvia; Fernández López, José Antonio; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier; Alemany, Marià, 1946-
2014The Effects of the Mediterranean Diet on Biomarkers of Vascular Wall Inflammation and Plaque Vulnerability in Subjects with High Risk for Cardiovascular Disease. A Randomized TrialCasas, Rosa; Sacanella Meseguer, Emilio; Urpí Sardà, Mireia; Chiva Blanch, Gemma; Ros Rahola, Emilio; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, 1957-; Covas Planells, María Isabel; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Fiol Sala, Miguel; Arós, Fernando; Estruch Riba, Ramon