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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2008Polymorphisms cyclooxygenase-2 -765G>C and interleukin-6 -174G>C are associated with serum inflammation markers in a high cardiovascular risk population and do not modify the response to a Mediterranean diet supplemented with virgin olive oil or nutsCorella Piquer, Dolores; González, José Ignacio; Bulló, Mònica; Carrasco, Paula; Portolés, Olga; Díez Espino, Javier; Covas Planells, María Isabel; Ruiz-Gutiérrez, Valentina; Gómez Gracia, Enrique; Arós, Fernando; Fiol Sala, Miguel; Conde Herrera, Manuel; Santos, José Manuel; Sáez Tormo, Guillermo; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Lahoz, Carlos; Vinyoles, Ernest; Ros Rahola, Emilio; Estruch Riba, Ramon
21-Feb-2014Cocoa polyphenols and inflammatory markers of cardiovascular diseaseKhan, Nasiruddin; Khymenets, Olha; Urpí Sardà, Mireia; Tulipani, Sara; Garcia Aloy, Mar; Monagas, Maria; Mora-Cubillos, Ximena; Llorach, Rafael; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
Feb-2010Wanted: specific nutritional biomarkers for food consumption for the study of its protective role in health.Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina; Zamora-Ros, Raul
May-2015Low levels of a urinary biomarker of dietary polyphenol are associated with substantial cognition decline over a three-year period in older adults: the Invecchiare in Chianti (InCHIANTI) Study.Rabassa Bonet, Montserrat; Cherubini, Antonio; Zamora-Ros, Raul; Urpí Sardà, Mireia; Bandinelli, Stefania; Ferrucci, Luigi; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
28-Jun-2014Nutrimetabolomics fingerprinting to identify biomarkers of bread exposure in a free-living population from the PREDIMED study cohortGarcia Aloy, Mar; Llorach, Rafael; Urpí Sardà, Mireia; Tulipani, Sara; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, 1957-; Corella Piquer, Dolores; Fitó Colomer, Montserrat; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Serra Majem, Lluís; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
Aug-2012(1)H-NMR-based metabolomic analysis of the effect of moderate wine consumption on subjects with cardiovascular risk factorsVázquez Fresno, Rosa; Llorach, Rafael; Alcaro, Francesca; Rodríguez Martínez, Miguel Ángel; Vinaixa Crevillent, Maria; Chiva Blanch, Gemma; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Correig Blanchar, Xavier; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
4-Jan-2016Effects of polyphenol, measured by a biomarker of total polyphenols in urine, on cardiovascular risk factors after a long-term follow-up in the PREDIMED studyGuo, Xiaohui; Tresserra i Rimbau, Anna; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, 1957-; Medina Remón, Alexander; Castañer, Olga; Corella Piquer, Dolores; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.
30-Apr-2015Phenolic and microbial-targeted metabolomics to discovering and evaluating wine intake biomarkers in human urine and plasmaUrpí Sardà, Mireia; Boto Ordóñez, María; Queipo-Ortuño, María Isabel; Tulipani, Sara; Corella Piquer, Dolores; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Tinahones, Francisco J.; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
3-Jul-2014Novel multimetabolite prediction of walnut consumption by a urinary biomarker model in a free-living population: the PREDIMED StudyGarcia Aloy, Mar; Llorach, Rafael; Urpí Sardà, Mireia; Tulipani, Sara; Estruch Riba, Ramon; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, 1957-; Corella Piquer, Dolores; Fitó Colomer, Montserrat; Ros Rahola, Emilio; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina
22-Nov-2016Impact of chlorogenic acids from coffee on urine metabolome in healthy human subjectsMadrid Gambín, Francisco Javier; Garcia Aloy, Mar; Vázquez Fresno, Rosa; Vegas Lozano, Esteban; Ruiz de Villa, Carmen; Misawa, Kohichi; Hase, Tadashi; Shimotoyodome, Akira; Andrés Lacueva, Ma. Cristina