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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Magnetic resonance for assessment of disease activity and severity in ileocolonic Crohn's disease.Rimola, Jordi; Rodríguez, S.; García Bosch, O.; Ordás, I.; Ayala, Edgar; Aceituno, M.; Pellisé Urquiza, Maria; Ayuso Colella, Carmen; Ricart, Elena; Donoso Bach, Lluís; Panés Díaz, Julià
2006Satisfaction survey with DNA cards method to collect genetic samples for pharmacogenetics studiesVidal Taboada, José Manuel; Cucala, Mercedes; Mas Herrero, Sergi; Lafuente, Amàlia, 1952-; Cobos Carbó, Albert
26-Oct-2009miR-143 Interferes with ERK5 Signaling, and Abrogates Prostate Cancer Progression in MiceClapé, Cyrielle; Fritz, Vanessa; Henriquet, Corinne; Apparailly, Florence; Fernández Ruiz, Pedro Luis; Iborra, François; Avancès, Christophe; Villalba, Martin; Culine, Stéphane; Fajas, Lluis
2001BS-SEM evaluation of the tisular interactions between cortical bone and calcium-phosphate covered titanium implantsManzanares Céspedes, María Cristina; Franch, Jordi; Carvalho Lobato, Patricia; Belmonte, A. M.; Tusell, J.; Franch, B.; Fernández, J. M.; Clèries, L.; Morenza Gil, José Luis
13-Jan-2002On the use of fast blue, fluoro-gold and diamidino yellow for retrograde tracing after peripheral nerve injury: uptake, fading, dye interactions, and toxicityPuigdellívol Sánchez, Anna; Valero Cabré, Antoni; Prats Galino, Alberto; Navarro, X. (Xavier); Molander, Carl
11-Feb-2000Fast Blue and Diamidino Yellow as retrograde tracers in peripheral nerves: efficacy of combined nerve injection and capsule application to transected nerves in the adult ratPuigdellívol Sánchez, Anna; Prats Galino, Alberto; Ruano Gil, Domingo; Molander, Carl
14-Jun-2006Estimations of topographically correct regeneration to nerve branches and skin after peripheral nerve injury and repair.Puigdellívol Sánchez, Anna; Prats Galino, Alberto; Molander, Carl
25-Nov-2009Repression of invasion genes and decreased invasion in high-level fluoroquinolone-resistant Salmonella Typhimurium mutantFàbrega Santamaria, Anna; Du Merle, Laurence; Le Bouguenec, Chantal; Jiménez de Anta Losada, María Teresa; Vila Estapé, Jordi
8-Dec-2005On regeneration and collateral sprouting to hind limb digits after sciatic nerve injury in the ratPuigdellívol Sánchez, Anna; Prats Galino, Alberto; Molander, Carl
15-Jul-2003Persistence of tracer in the application site -a potential confounding factor in nerve regeneration studiesPuigdellívol Sánchez, Anna; Prats Galino, Alberto; Ruano Gil, Domingo; Molander, Carl