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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Dual-Regge approach to high-energy, low-mass diffraction dissociationJenkovszky, Lázsló L.; Kuprash, O. E.; Lämsä, J. W.; Magas, V. K.; Orava, R.
1978Poincaré is a subgroup of Galilei in one space dimension moreElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1991Higher order Lagrangian systems: Geometric structures, Dynamics, and ConstraintsGràcia, Xavier; Pons Ràfols, Josep Maria; Román-Roy, Narciso
1-Jul-2016The complete HEFT Lagragian after the LHC Run IBrivio, I.; González Fraile, Juan; González García, Ma. Concepción; Merlo, L.
2010Effective field theory with dibaryon fields: Nucleon-nucleon amplitudes at N2LOSoto Riera, Joan; Tarrús Castellà, Jaume
1-Jul-2016The gauge-Higgs legacy of the LHC Run IButter, Anja; Éboli, Oscar J.P.; González Fraile, Juan; González García, Ma. Concepción; Plehn, Tilman; Rauch, Michael
2002Next-to-leading-log renormalization-group running in heavy-quarkonium creation and annihilationPineda, Antonio
2005Evidence for the two pole structure of the Lambda(1405) resonanceMagas, V. K.; Oset Baguena, Eulogio; Ramos Gómez, Àngels
2000Spin Waves in Canted Phases: An Application to Doped ManganitesRomán Faúndez, José María; Soto Riera, Joan
2000Nonrelativistic noncommutative field theory and UV-IR mixingGomis Torné, Joaquim; Landsteiner, Karl; López, Esperanza