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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Growth of unstable interfaces in disordered mediaLacasta Palacio, Ana María; Ramírez Piscina, Laureano; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Rodríguez Díaz, Miguel Ángel
1993Stochastic generation of homogeneous isotropic turbulence with well-defined-spectraCareta Pons, Agustí; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc; Sancho, José M.
1998Competitive evaporation in arrays of dropletsLacasta Palacio, Ana María; Sokolov, Igor M., 1958-; Sancho, José M.; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc
1994Mean field model for spatially extended systems in the presence of multiplicative noiseBroeck, C. van den (Christian), 1954-; Rodríguez Parrondo, Juan M.; Armero Rovira, Juan; Hernández Machado, Aurora
1993The nonlinear relaxation time and quasideterministic-theory approaches to characterize the decay of unestable statesJiménez Aquino, José Inés; Sancho, José M.
1997Wave competition in excitable modulated media.Sendiña Nadal, Irene; Gómez-Gesteira, Moncho; Pérez-Muñuzurri, Vicente; Pérez Villar, Vicente; Armero Rovira, Juan; Ramírez Piscina, Laureano; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc; Sancho, José M.
1995Numerical investigation of iso-spectral cavities built from trinaglesWu, H. (Hua); Sprung, Donald W. L.; Martorell Domenech, Juan
1999Slow Dynamics of Ising Models with Energy BarriersLipowski, Adam; Johnston, Des; Espriu, D. (Domènec)
1998Percolation thresholds in chemical disordered excitable mediaSendiña Nadal, Irene; Roncaglia, Diana; Vives, Daniel; Pérez Muñuzuri, Vicente; Gómez-Gesteira, Moncho; Pérez Villar, Vicente; Echave, Julián; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume; Ramírez Piscina, Laureano; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc
1995Universality in models for disorder induced phase transitionsVives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard; Goicoechea, Jürgen; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-; Planes Vila, Antoni