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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Degenerate Blume-Emergy-Griffiths model for the martensitic transformationVives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard; Castán i Vidal, Maria Teresa; Lindgård, Per-Anker
1995Statistics of avalanches in martensitic transformations, II. ModellingRàfols, Ismael; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard
1993Entropy change of martensitic transformations in Cu-based shape-memory alloysMañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-; Martínez Benjamin, Joan Josep
1991Domain-growth kinetics and aspects of pinning: A Monte Carlo simulation studyCastán i Vidal, Maria Teresa; Lindgård, Per-Anker
1993Monte Carlo study of the relation between vacancy diffusion and domain growth in two-dimensional binary alloysFrontera Beccaria, Carlos; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard; Planes Vila, Antoni