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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Thomas-Fermi theory for atomic nuclei revisitedCentelles Aixalà, Mario; Schuck, Peter; Viñas Gausí, Xavier
2007Super-resolution of remotely sensed images with variable-pixel linear reconstructionMerino Espasa, María Teresa; Núñez de Murga, Jorge, 1955-
2007Spatiotemporal order out of noiseSagués i Mestre, Francesc; Sancho, José M.; García Ojalvo, Jordi
2007Dispersionless transport in a washboard potentialLindenberg, Katja; Sancho, José M.; Lacasta Palacio, Ana María; Sokolov, Igor M., 1958-
2007Self-sustained spatiotemporal oscillations induced by membrane-bulk couplingGómez Marín, Alejandro; García Ojalvo, Jordi; Sancho, José M.
2007Symmetry breaking in small rotating clouds of trapped ultracold Bose atomsDagnino, D.; Barberán Falcón, Núria; Osterloh, Klaus; Riera, A.; Lewenstein, M.
2007Deep radio images of the HEGRA and Whipple TeV sources in the Cygnus OB2 region.Martí Ribas, Josep; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Ishwara-Chandra, C. H.; Bosch i Ramon, Valentí
Nov-2007The spectral energy distribution of quiescent black hole X-ray binaries: new constraints from SpitzeGallo, Elena; Migliari, Simone; Markoff, Sera; Tomsick, John A.; Bailyn, Charles D.; Berta, Stefano; Fender, Rob; Miller-Jones, James C. A.
Sep-2007The variability plane of accreting compact objectsKörding, E. G.; Migliari, Simone; Fender, R. P.; Belloni, T.; Knigge, C.; McHardy, I.
18-Apr-2007Extraction of αs from radiative Υ(1S) decaysBrambilla, Nora; Garcia i Tormo, Xavier; Soto Riera, Joan; Vairo, Antonio