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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Spinning strings in AdS(5) x S^5: New integrable system relationsArutyunov, G.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo); Tseytlin, A. A.
2009Angular distributions of leptons from J/ ψ's produced in 920 GeV fixed-target proton-nucleus collisionsConde, P.; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís; Peralta, D.; HERA-B Collaboration
2001Dynamic and quasistatic trajectories in quasifission reactions and particle emissionAleshin, V. P.; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Nicolis, N. G.
3-Dec-2009Precise measurement of the e+e−→π+π−(γ) cross section with the initial state radiation method at BABARGraugés Pous, Eugeni; BABAR Collaboration
19-Nov-2009Measurement of B→K∗(892)γ branching fractions and CP and isospin asymmetryBABAR Collaboration; Aubert, B.; Graugés Pous, Eugeni
2005Physics reach of high-energy and high-statistics IceCube atmospheric neutrino dataGonzález García, Ma. Concepción; Halzen, Francis; Maltoni, M.
2004Probing trilinear gauge boson interactions via single electroweak gauge boson production at the CERN LHCÉboli, O. J. P. (Oscar José Pinto); González García, Ma. Concepción
2009Neutron skin thickness in the droplet model with surface width dependence: Indications of softness of the nuclear symmetry energyWarda, M.; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Roca Maza, Xavier; Centelles Aixalà, Mario
2009Nuclear Symmetry Energy Probed by Neutron Skin Thickness of NucleiCentelles Aixalà, Mario; Roca Maza, Xavier; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Warda, M.
2008Critical review of K- ppn bound statesMagas, Volodymyr; Oset Baguena, Eulogio; Ramos Gómez, Àngels