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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2007An observational study of the 7 September 2005 Barcelona tornado outbreakBech, Joan; Pascual, R.; Rigo, Tomeu; Pineda, Nicolau; López, J. M.; Arús Dumenjó, Joan; Gayà, M.
8-Jun-2007Modelling of weather radar echoes from anomalous propagation using a hybrid parabolic equation method and NWP model dataBebbington, D.; Rae, S.; Bech, Joan; Codina, Bernat; Picanyol, M.
7-Dec-2009A press database on natural risks and its application in the study of floods in Northeastern SpainLlasat Botija, María del Carmen; Llasat-Botija, Montserrat; López, L.
17-Jul-2009An analysis of the evolution of hydrometeorological extremes in newspapers: the case of Catalonia, 1982-2006Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Llasat-Botija, Montserrat; Barnolas, M.; López, L.; Altava i Ortiz, Vicent
15-Apr-2003Antireflection coatings from analogy between electron scattering and spin precessionSprung, Donald W. L.; Morozov, Gregory V.; Martorell Domenech, Juan
1-Apr-2003Monte Carlo simulation of x-ray spectra generated by kilo-electron-volt electronsLlovet Ximenes, Xavier; Sorbier, Loïc; Campos, C. S.; Acosta, Eva; Salvat Gavaldà, Francesc
12-Oct-2006A consistent extension of the local spin density approximation to account for quantum dot mass and dielectric mismatchesPi Pericay, Martí; Royo, Miguel; Planelles, Josep (Planelles Fuster)
2-Nov-2007Nonparabolicity and dielectric effects on addition energy spectra of spherical nanocrystalsPlanelles, Josep (Planelles Fuster); Royo, Miguel; Pi Pericay, Martí
1-Oct-2002Coexisting ferro- and antiferromagnetism in Ni2MnAl Heusler alloysAcet, Mehmet; Duman, Eyüp; Wassermann, Eberhard F.; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni
1-Aug-2005A limited area model intercomparison on the "Montserrat-2000" flash-flood event using statistical and deterministic methodsMariani, Simone; Casaioli, M.; Accadia, C.; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Pasi, F.; Davolio, S.; Elementi, M.; Ficca, G.; Romero, R.