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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Intrinsic noise-induced phase transitions: Beyond the noise interpretationCarrillo, O.; Ibañes Miguez, Marta; García Ojalvo, Jordi; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume; Sancho, José M.
2002Slow dynamis in the 3D gonihedric modelDimopoulos, P.; Espriu, D. (Domènec); Jané, E.; Prats, A.
2008Brownian pump powered by a white-noise flasing ratchetGómez Marín, Alejandro; Sancho, José M.
2003Noise-Driven Mechanism for Pattern FormationBuceta Fernández, Javier; Ibañes Miguez, Marta; Sancho, José M.; Lindenberg, Katja
2005Side-branch growth in two-dimensional dendrits. Part II: Phase-field modelCouder, Yves; González Cinca, Ricard; Hernández Machado, Aurora
2006An analytical approach to sorting in periodic and random potentialsGleeson, James P.; Sancho, José M.; Lacasta Palacio, Ana María; Lindenberg, Katja
2006Phase-field approach to spatial perturbations in normal Saffman-Taylor fingersQuevedo-Reyes, M.; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Corvera Poiré, Eugenia
2006Heat fluctuations in Brownian transducersGómez Marín, Alejandro; Sancho, José M.
2004Modelization of surface diffusion of a molecular dimerRomero, A. H.; Lacasta Palacio, Ana María; Sancho, José M.
2000Interface dynamics in Hele-Shaw flows with centrifugal forces. Preventing cusp singularities with rotationMagdaleno Escar, Francesc Xavier; Rocco, Andrea; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume