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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2016Search for Violations of Lorentz Invariance and CPT Symmetry in B0(s) MixingGarrido Beltrán, Lluís; Graugés Pous, Eugeni; Rives Molina, Vicente José; Graciani Díaz, Ricardo; Picatoste Olloqui, Eduardo; Calvo Gómez, Míriam; Gascón Fora, David; Marín Benito, Carla; Vilasis-Cardona, Xavier; LHCb Collaboration
18-Mar-2016Study of ψ(2S) production and cold nuclear matter effects in pPb collisions at √ sNN = 5 TeVGarrido Beltrán, Lluís; Gascón Fora, David; Graciani Díaz, Ricardo; Graugés Pous, Eugeni; Marín Benito, Carla; Picatoste Olloqui, Eduardo; Rives Molina, Vicente José; Vilasis-Cardona, Xavier; Calvo Gómez, Míriam; LHCb Collaboration