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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966(Delta)S=0 Baryonic Current Coupled to the Muonic CurrentPascual, Pedro, 1934-2006; Pascual, Ramón
2002New predictions for inclusive heavy-quarkonium P-wave decaysBrambilla, Nora; Eiras, Dolors; Pineda, Antonio; Soto Riera, Joan; Vairo, Antonio
2005Sorting on periodic surfacesLacasta Palacio, Ana María; Sancho, José M.; Romero, A. H.; Lindenberg, Katja
2005Evidence for the two pole structure of the Lambda(1405) resonanceMagas, V. K.; Oset Baguena, Eulogio; Ramos Gómez, Àngels
1997Limits on Anomalous Couplings from Higgs Boson Production at the Fermilab Tevatron ColliderCampos, F. de; González García, Ma. Concepción; Novaes, S. F.
2006Radiative decays and the nature of heavy quarkoniumGarcia i Tormo, Xavier; Soto Riera, Joan
1997Determination of anomalies in supersymmetric theoriesBrandt, Friedemann; París, Jordi
1997Effective Lagrangian of the two Higgs doublet modelCiafaloni, P.; Espriu, D. (Domènec)
1987O(N)-symmetric (lambda)(phi)4 theory: the gaussin effective potential approachStevenson, P. M.; Allés, B.; Tarrach, R., 1948-
1996Discriminating signal from background using neural networks: Application to top-quark search at the Fermilab TevatronAmetller, Ll.; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís; Stimpfl-Abele, G.; Talavera Sánchez, Pedro; Yepes, P.