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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Incompressible states in double quantum dotsBarberán Falcón, Núria; Soto Riera, Joan
1997Structure and energetics of mixed 4He-3He dropsBarranco Gómez, Manuel; Pi Pericay, Martí; Gatica, S.M.; Hernández, E. Susana; Navarro Faus, Jesús
2000Canonical Noether symmetries and commutativity properties for gauge systemsGràcia, Xavier; Pons Ràfols, Josep Maria
1980Poincar-Cartan integral invariant and canonical transformation for singular lagrangiansDominici, D.; Gomis Torné, Joaquim
1989On the many-time formulation of classical particle dynamicsLonghi, G.; Lusanna, L.; Pons Ràfols, Josep Maria
1991Higher order Lagrangian systems: Geometric structures, Dynamics, and ConstraintsGràcia, Xavier; Pons Ràfols, Josep Maria; Román-Roy, Narciso
1985Canonical transformations theory for presymplectic systemsCariñena, J. F.; Gomis Torné, Joaquim; Ibort, L. A.; Román-Roy, Narciso
1995Dirac and reduced quantization: A Lagrangian approach and Application to Coset SpacesOrdóñez, C. R.; Pons Ràfols, Josep Maria
1982Poincar-Cartan intregral invariant and canonical trasformation for singular Lagrangians: an addendumDominici, D.; Gomis Torné, Joaquim
2012Microscopic-macroscopic approach for binding energies with the Wigner-Kirkwood method. II. Deformed nucleiBhagwat, A.; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Schuck, Peter; Wyss, R.