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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2018Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: effects of observer peculiar motionNotari, Alessio; CORE Collaboration
29-Jan-2018Triangle singularities in B−→K−π−D+s0 and B−→K−π−D+s1Sakai, S.; Oset, E.; Ramos Gómez, Àngels
Apr-2018Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: Survey requirements and mission designNotari, Alessio; Verde, Licia; CORE Collaboration
6-Jul-2018Noether symmetries for fields and branes in backgrounds with Killing vectorsPons Ràfols, Josep Maria
6-Mar-2018Helioseismic and neutrino data-driven reconstruction of solar propertiesSong, Ningqiang; González García, Ma. Concepción; Villante, Francesco L.; Vinyoles, Nuria; Serenelli, Aldo
Jan-2018Primordial black holes as dark matter: Converting constraints from monochromatic to extended mass distributionsBellomo, Nicola; Bernal Mera, José Luis; Raccanelli, Alvise; Verde, Licia
31-Jan-2018Relaxing the σ8-tension through running vacuum in the UniverseGómez Valent, Adrià; Solà Peracaula, Joan
Feb-2018Tails and streams around the Galactic globular clusters NGC 1851, NGC 1904, NGC 2298 and NGC 2808Carballo Bello, Julio A.; Martínez Delgado, David; Navarrete, Camila; Catelan, Marcio; Muñoz, Ricardo R.; Antoja Castelltort, M. Teresa; Sollima, Antonio
25-May-2018Spinning superfluid He-4 nanodropletsAncilotto, Francesco; Barranco Gómez, Manuel; Pi Pericay, Martí
11-Apr-2018The Gross-Pitaevskii equations of a static and spherically symmetric condensate of gravitonsCunillera García, Francesc; Germani, Cristiano