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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Bose-Einstein graviton condensate in a Schwarzschild black holeAlfaro, Jorge; Espriu, D. (Domènec); Gabbanelli, Luciano
Jul-2018Gaia DR2 view of the Lupus V-VI clouds: The candidate diskless young stellar objects are mainly background contaminantsManara, Carlo Felice; Prusti, T.; Comeron, F.; Mor, Roger; Alcalá, Juan Manel; Antoja, Teresa; Facchini, Stefano; Fedele, D.; Frasca, Antonio; Jerabkova, Tereza; Rosotti, Giovanni; Spezzi, L.; Spina, Lorenzo
9-Dec-2019Tunneling vortex dynamics in linearly coupled Bose-Hybbard ringsEscrivà, Albert; Muñoz Mateo, Antonio; Guilleumas, Montserrat; Juliá-Díaz, Bruno
28-Nov-2016Reconfigurable ASIC for a low level trigger system in Cherenkov Telescope CamerasGascón Fora, David; Barrio, Juan Abel; Blanch, O.; Boix, J.; Delagnes, E.; Delgado, C.; Freixas, L.; Guilloux, F.; Coto, R. L.; Griffiths, S.; Martinez, G.; Martinez, O.; Sanuy Charles, Andreu; Tejedor, L. A.
26-Aug-2016Wave diffraction by a cosmic stringFernández Núñez, Isabel; Bulashenko, Oleg
23-Aug-2016Exact versus Taylor-expanded energy density in the study of the neutron star crust-core transitionRoutray, Tusar R.; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Basu, D.N.; Pattnaik, Sanjay P.; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Robledo, L. M.; Behera, B.
28-Jan-2016The evolution of the Sun's birth cluster and the search for the solar siblings with GaiaMartínez Barbosa, Carmen Adriana; Brown, A. G. A.; Boekholt, Tjarda; Portegies Zwart, Simon; Antiche Garzón, Erika; Antoja Castelltort, M. Teresa
3-Jul-2014Observational and Numerical Simulation Study of a Sequence of Eight Atmospheric Density Currents in Northern SpainSoler i Duffour, M. Rosa; Udina, Mireia; Ferreres, E.
8-Mar-2016What is controlling the fragmentation in the infrared dark cloud G14.225-0.506? Different level of fragmentation in twin hubsBusquet, Gemma; Estalella, Robert; Palau, Aina; Liu, Hauyu Baobab; Zhang, Qizhou; Girart, Josep Miquel; Gregorio-Monsalvo, Itziar I. de; Pillai, Thushara; Anglada, Guillem; Ho, P. T. P.
11-Oct-2016The chiral S =-1 meson-baryon interaction with new constraints on the NLO contributionsRamos Gómez, Àngels; Feijoo Aliau, Albert; Magas, Volodymyr