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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988UBVRI photoelectric photometry of high proper motion starsRosselló Nicolau, Gaspar; Figueras Siñol, Francesca; Jordi i Nebot, Carme; Núñez de Murga, Jorge, 1955-; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Sala Mirabet, Ferran; Torra Roca, Jorge
1988New phase of QED?Peccei, R.D.; Solà Peracaula, Joan; Wetterich, C.
1988Elastic constants of bcc shape-memory binary alloys: Effect of the configurational orderingCastán i Vidal, Maria Teresa; Planes Vila, Antoni
1988Lattice-gas model of orientable molecules: Application to liquid crystalsVives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard; Planes Vila, Antoni
1988Stability of a nonequilibrium steady-state interfaceHernández Machado, Aurora; Jasnow, David
1988Escape over a potential barrier driven by colored noise: Large but finite correlation timesRubia Sánchez, Javier de la; Peacock-López, E.; Tsironis, G. P.; Lindenberg, Katja; Ramírez Piscina, Laureano; Sancho, José M.
1988Higher-order colored-noise effects in multivariable systemsRamírez Piscina, Laureano; Sancho, José M.
1988Exact solutions for the massive klein-gordon-schwarzschild equationElizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
1988Lagrangian and Hamiltonian BRST structures of the antysimmetric tensor gauge theoryBatlle, C.; Gomis Torné, Joaquim
1988Variational analysis of the Gross-Neveu model in an S^1 spaceSoto Riera, Joan