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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005AGNs and microquasars as high-energy gamma-ray sourcesParedes i Poy, Josep Maria
2005Microquasar models for 3EG J1828+0142 and 3EG J1735-1500Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Romero, Gustavo E.; Torres, Diego F.
1-Aug-2005A limited area model intercomparison on the "Montserrat-2000" flash-flood event using statistical and deterministic methodsMariani, Simone; Casaioli, M.; Accadia, C.; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Pasi, F.; Davolio, S.; Elementi, M.; Ficca, G.; Romero, R.
25-Oct-2005Radar analysis of the life cycle of mesoscale convective systems during the 10 June 2000 eventRigo, Tomeu; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen
25-Oct-2005Bifurcations and chaos in single-roll natural convection with low Prandtl numberMercader, Isabel; Batiste, O.; Ramírez Piscina, Laureano; Ruiz, Xavier; Rüdiger, S.; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume
2005High mass microquasars and low latitude gamma-ray sourcesBosch i Ramon, Valentí; Romero, Gustavo E.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria
2005Possible hot spots excited by the relativistic jets of Cygnus X-3Martí Ribas, Josep; Pérez-Ramírez, D.; Garrido Pestaña, José Luis; Luque-Escamilla, P. L.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria
2005La llicenciatura en Física: Perfil de la professió. Estudi d’inserció professionalLlosa, Josep; Dorio Alcaraz, Inmaculada; Ferrater Martorell, Cèsar; Figuera Gazo, Pilar; Grifols, J. A.; Jou i Mirabent, David, 1953-; Martínez, Ma. Celia; Redaño, Àngel; Torrado Fonseca, Mercè; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard
Nov-2005The Island State of the Atoll Source 4U 1820-30Altamirano, Diego; Van der Klis, M.; Méndez, M.; Migliari, Simone; Jonker, P. G.; Tiengo, A.; Zhang, W.
2005Electromagnetic radiation initiated by hadronic jets from microquasars in the ISMBosch i Ramon, Valentí; Aharonian, F. A.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria