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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Microquasar models for 3EG J1828+0142 and 3EG J1735-1500Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Romero, Gustavo E.; Torres, Diego F.
2005Identifying variable gamma-ray sources through radio observationsParedes i Poy, Josep Maria; Martí Ribas, Josep; Torres, Diego F.; Romero, Gustavo E.; Combi, J. A.; Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; García-Sánchez, J.
2005High-energy gamma-ray emission from microquasars: LS 5039 and LS I+61303Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria
2005High mass microquasars and low latitude gamma-ray sourcesBosch i Ramon, Valentí; Romero, Gustavo E.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria
2005Electromagnetic radiation initiated by hadronic jets from microquasars in the ISMBosch i Ramon, Valentí; Aharonian, F. A.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria