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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Manifolds on the verge of a hyperbolicity breakdownHaro, Àlex; Llave, Rafael de la
2006Strange nonchaotic attractors in Harper mapsHaro, Àlex; Puig i Sadurní, Joaquim
2006Stochastic delay differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter H 1/2Ferrante, Marco; Rovira Escofet, Carles
2006Power variation of some integral fractional processesCorcuera Valverde, José Manuel; Nualart, David, 1951-; Woerner, Jeannette H.C.
2000Chaotic Kabanov formula for the Azéma martingalesPrivault, Nicolas; Solé, Josep Lluís; Vives i Santa Eulàlia, Josep, 1963-
2000Large deviations for stochastic Volterra equationsNualart, David, 1951-; Rovira Escofet, Carles
2006Multivariate predictionCorcuera Valverde, José Manuel; Giummolè, Federica
2007On Ito's formula for elliptic diffusion processesBardina i Simorra, Xavier; Rovira Escofet, Carles
2000New mechanisms for lack of equipartition of energyHaro, Àlex; Llave, Rafael de la
2005Mathematics in Catalonia: 1996-2002Cufí, Julià, 1945-; Gómez Muntané, Gerardo; Guasp Balaguer, Gregori; Reventós i Tarrida, Agustí; Serra Albó, Oriol