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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2014Probability-based Dynamic Time Warping and Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for Human Gesture Recognition in RGB-DHernández-Vela, Antonio; Bautista Martín, Miguel Ángel; Perez-Sala, Xavier; Ponce López, Víctor; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Baró i Solé, Xavier; Pujol Vila, Oriol; Angulo Bahón, Cecilio
23-Oct-2018Multi-Modal Deep Hand Sign Language Recognition in Still Images Using Restricted Boltzmann MachineRastgoo, Razieh; Kiani, Kourosh; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio
Jul-2018Articulated motion and deformable objectsWan, Jun; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Perales, Francisco J.; Kittler, Josef
18-Apr-2019Action recognition using single-pixel time-of-flight detectionOfodile, Ikechukwu; Helmi, Ahmed; Clapés i Sintes, Albert; Avots, Egils; Peensoo, Kerttu Maria; Valdma, Sandhra Mirella; Valdmann, Andreas; Valtna Lukner, Heli; Omelkov, Sergey; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Ozcinar, Cagri; Anbarjafari, Gholamreza
15-Sep-2016Subspace Procrustes AnalysisPerez-Sala, Xavier; De la Torre, Fernando; Igual Muñoz, Laura; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Angulo, Cecilio
7-May-2020Statistical Machine Learning for Human Behaviour AnalysisMoeslund, Thomas Baltzer; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Anbarjafari, Gholamreza; Nasrollahi, Kamal; Wan, Jun
24-Oct-2019Privacy-Constrained Biometric System for Non-cooperative UsersJahromi, Mohammad N. S.; Buch-Cardona, Pau; Avots, Egils; Nasrollahi, Kamal; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Moeslund, Thomas Baltzer; Anbarjafari, Gholamreza
5-Oct-2021SSSGAN: Satellite Style and Structure Generative Adversarial NetworksMarín Tur, Javier; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio
2-Oct-2021DECONbench: a benchmarking platform dedicated to deconvolution methods for tumor heterogeneity quantificationDecamps, Clémentine; Arnaud, Alexis; Petitprez, Florent; Ayadi, Mira; Baurès, Aurélia; Armenoult, Lucile; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Guyon, Isabelle; Nicolle, Rémy; Tomasini, Richard; Reyniès, Aurélien de; Cros, Jérôme; Blum, Yuna; Richard, Magali
1-Sep-2021Winning solutions and post-challenge analyses of the ChaLearn AutoDL challenge 2019Liu, Zhengying; Pavao, Adrien; Xu, Zhen; Escalera Guerrero, Sergio; Ferreira, Fabio; Guyon, Isabelle; Hong, Sirui; Hutter, Frank; Ji, Rongrong; Jacques Junior, Julio C. S.; Li, Ge; Lindauer, Marius; Luo, Zhipeng; Madadi, Meysam; Nierhoff, Thomas; Niu, Kangning; Pan, Chunguang; Stoll, Danny; Treguer, Sebastien; Wang, Jin; Wang, Peng; Wu, Chenglin; Xiong, Youcheng; Zela, Arbër; Zhang, Yang