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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2015Closure of Hardy spaces in the Bloch spaceGalanopoulos, Petros; Monreal Galán, Nacho; Pau, Jordi
2016Boundary multipliers of a family of Möbius invariant spacesBao, Guanlong; Pau, Jordi
29-Aug-2013Schatten class of integration operators on Dirichlet spacesPau, Jordi; Peláez, José Ángel
Apr-2014Carleson Measures, Riemann-Stieltjes and Multiplication Operators on a General Family of Function SpacesPau, Jordi; Zhao, Ruhan
2012Hankel operators on large weighted Bergman spacesGalanopoulos, Petros; Pau, Jordi
2012Volterra type operators on Bergman spaces with exponential type weightsPau, Jordi; Peláez, José Ángel
2016Weighted BMO and Hankel operators between weighted Bergman spacesPau, Jordi; Zhao, Ruhan; Zhu, Keke
Apr-2011On the zeros of functions in Dirichlet type spacesPau, Jordi; Peláez, José Ángel