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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Impact of the Spanish smoking control law on exposure to second-hand smoke and respiratory health in hospitality workers: a cohort studyFernández Muñoz, Esteve; Fu Balboa, Marcela; Pascual, José A.; López, María José; Pérez-Ríos, Mónica; Schiaffino, Anna; Martínez Sánchez, Jose M.; Ariza, Carles; Saltó i Cerezuela, Esteve; Nebot, Manel
17-Feb-2012The so-called "Spanish model" - Tobacco industry strategies and its impact in Europe and Latin AmericaSchneider, Nick K.; Sebrie, Ernesto M.; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve
2008Changes in leisure time and occupational physical activity over 8 years: The Cornellà health Interview Survey Follow-Up StudyCornelio, C. I.; García, M.; Schiaffino, Anna; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria; Nieto, F. Javier; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve
2005Sex differences in hospital readmission among colorectal cancer patients.González Ruiz, Juan Ramón; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Moreno Aguado, Víctor; Ribes Puig, Josepa; Peris, Mercè; Navarro, Matilde; Cambray i Amenós, Maria; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria
2004Self perceived health and smoking in adolescents.Rius Gibert, Cristina; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Schiaffino, Anna; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria; Rodríguez Artalejo, Fernando
2001Widening social inequalities in smoking cessation in Spain, 1987-1997Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Schiaffino, Anna; García, M.; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria
2009Salivary cotinine concentrations in daily smokers in Barcelona, Spain: a cross-sectional studyFu Balboa, Marcela; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Martínez Sánchez, Jose M.; Pascual, José A.; Schiaffino, Anna; Agudo, Antonio; Ariza, Carles; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria; Samet, Jonathan M.
Feb-2012Comparison of Tobacco Control Scenarios: Quantifying Estimates of Long-term health impact using the DYNAMO-HIA modeling tool.Kulik, Margarete C.; Nusselder, Wilma J.; Boshuizen, Hendriek C.; Lhachimi, Stefan K.; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Baili, Paolo; Bennett, Kathleen; Mackenbach, Johan P.; Smit, H. A.
May-2012DYNAMO-HIA-A dynamic modeling tool for generic health impact assessmentsLhachimi, Stefan K.; Nusselder, Wilma J.; Smit, H. A.; Baal, Pieter van; Baili, Paolo; Bennett, Kathleen; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Kulik, Margarete C.; Lobstein, Tim; Pomerleau, Joceline; Mackenbach, Johan P.; Boshuizen, Hendriek C.
Nov-2010Smoking behaviour, involuntary smoking, attitudes towards smoke-free legislations, and tobacco control activities in the European UnionMartínez Sánchez, Jose M.; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Fu Balboa, Marcela; Gallus, Silvano; Martínez Martínez, Cristina; Sureda, Xisca; La Vecchia, Carlo; Clancy, Luke