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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2020Point Cloud Stacking: A Workflow to Enhance 3D Monitoring Capabilities Using Time-Lapse CamerasBlanch Gorriz, Xabier; Abellán Fernández, Antonio; Guinau Sellés, Marta
Feb-2020Middle-Upper Triassic stratigraphy and structure in the Alt Palància region (eastern Iberian Chain): A multidisciplinary approachOrtí Cabo, Federico; Guimerà i Rosso, Joan J.; Götz, A.E.
Apr-2020Seismic data of a rockslide: Evaluation of noise levels, site effects, frequency content and identification of seismic phasesTapia, Mar; Guinau Sellés, Marta; Roig, P.; Pérez Guillén, Cristina; Suriñach Cornet, Emma; Khazaradze, Giorgi
18-May-2020Unravelling the mystery of 'Madagascar copal': Age, origin and preservation of a Recent resinDelclòs Martínez, Xavier; Peñalver Mollá, Enrique; Ranaivosoa, Voajanahary; Solórzano-Kraemer, Mónica M.
16-Jan-2020New Genus and First Record of Hybotinae (Diptera: Empidoidea: Hybotidae) in Middle Miocene Dominican Amber.Solórzano-Kraemer, Mónica M.; Delclòs Martínez, Xavier; Peñalver Mollá, Enrique; Sinclair, B.J.
21-Mar-2020Estimation of Avalanche Development and Frontal Velocities Based on the Spectrogram of the Seismic Signals Generated at the Vallée de la Sionne Test Site.Suriñach Cornet, Emma; Flores-Márquez, E.L.; Roig-Lafon, P.; Furdada i Bellavista, Glòria; Tapia, Mar
16-Oct-2020A revised definition for copal and its significance for palaeontological and Anthropocene biodiversity‑loss studiesSolórzano-Kraemer, Mónica M.; Delclòs Martínez, Xavier; Engel, Michael S.; Penalver, Enrique
29-May-2020Ecology of the collapse of Rapa Nui societyLima, M.; Gayo, E. M.; Latorre, C.; Santoro, C. M.; Estay, S. A.; Cañellas Boltà, Núria; Margalef Marrasé, Olga; Giralt Romeu, Santiago; Sáez, Alberto; Pla Rabes, S.; Stenseth, N. Chr.
Feb-2021CLAMP-based palaeoclimatic analysis of the late Miocene (Tortonian) flora from La Cerdanya Basin of Catalonia, Spain, and an estimation of the palaeoaltitude of the eastern PyreneesTosal Alcobé, Aixa; Verduzco, O.; Martín-Closas, Carles
10-Jul-2020Active Faulting, Submarine Surface Rupture, and Seismic Migration Along the Liquiñe‐Ofqui Fault System, Patagonian AndesVillalobos, Angelo; Easton, Gabriel; Maksymowicz, Andrei; Ruiz, Sergio; Lastras Membrive, Galderic; De Pascale, Gregory P.; Agurto‐Detzel, Hans