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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2006Holocene neoglacial events in the Bransfield Strait (Antarctica). Paleogeographic and paleoclimatic significanceBárcena, María Ángeles; Fabrés Francés, Joan; Isla, Enrique; Flores Villarejo, José Abel; Sierro Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Canals Artigas, Miquel; Palanques Monteys, Albert
1990Caracterización paleoclimática de la serie margosa Langhiense de Can Rosell (Barcelona)Vázquez Martínez, Antonio; Plana, F.; Porta i Vernet, Jaume de, 1929-; Zamarreño, Isabel; Macpherson, I.
12-Oct-2014Environmental processes in Rano Aroi (Ester Island) peat geochemistry forced by climate variability during the last 70 kyrMargalef Marrasé, Olga; Martínez-Cortizas, A.; Kylander, M.; Pla, S.; Cañellas Boltà, Núria; Pueyo Mur, Juan José; Sáez, Alberto; Valero Garcés, Blas Lorenzo; Giralt Romeu, Santiago
1-Aug-2016Timing of wet episodes in Atacama Desert over the last 15 ka. The Groundwater Discharge Deposits (GWD) from Domeyko Range at 25ºS.Sáez, Alberto; Godfrey, Linda V.; Herrera, Christian; Chong, Guillermo; Pueyo Mur, Juan José
Dec-2009Glacial to Holocene climate changes in the SE Pacific. The Raraku Lake sedimentary record (Easter Island, 27ºS)Sáez, Alberto; Valero Garcés, Blas Lorenzo; Giralt Romeu, Santiago; Moreno, Ana; Bao Casal, Roberto; Pueyo Mur, Juan José; Hernández Hernández, Armand; Casas Layola, David
2010ENSO and solar activity signals from oxygen isotopes in diatom silica during Lateglacial-Holocene transition in Central Andes (18ºS).Hernández Hernández, Armand; Giralt Romeu, Santiago; Bao Casal, Roberto; Sáez, Alberto; Leng, Melanie J.; Barker, Philip A.
2009High- to low-latitude teleconnections during glacial terminations associated with ENSO-like variabilityPena González, Leopoldo David; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel
Oct-2015Late Holocene vegetation dynamics and deforestation in Rano Aroi: implications for Easter Island's ecological and cultural historyRull del Castillo, Valentí; Cañellas Boltà, Núria; Margalef Marrasé, Olga; Sáez, Alberto; Pla Rabés, Sergi; Giralt Romeu, Santiago
Jun-2007Holocene climate variability in the Western Mediterranean region from a deep water sediment recordFrigola Ferrer, Jaime I.; Moreno Caballud, Ana; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel; Canals Artigas, Miquel; Sierro Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Flores Villarejo, José Abel; Grimalt Obrador, Joan; Hodell, D.A.; Curtis, J.H.
Jun-2005Impact of iceberg melting on Mediterranean thermohaline circulation during Heinrich eventsSierro Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Hodell, D.A.; Curtis, J.H.; Flores Villarejo, José Abel; Reguera, I.; Colmenero-Hidalgo, E.; Bárcena, María Ángeles; Grimalt Obrador, Joan; Cacho Lascorz, Isabel; Frigola Ferrer, Jaime I.; Canals Artigas, Miquel