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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Lacustrine Systems in Convergent MarginsCabrera, Lluís; Sáez, Alberto
1999Lake-level and salinity reconstruction from diatom analyses in Quillagua Formation (Late Neogene, Central Andean Forearc, Northern Chile)Bao Casal, Roberto; Sáez, Alberto; Servant-Vildary, Simone; Cabrera, Lluís
1989Los sistemas lacustres del Eoceno superior y Oligoceno del sector oriental de la Cuenca del EbroAnadón Monzón, Pedro; Cabrera, Lluís; Colldeforns, B.; Sáez, Alberto
1999Late Neogene lacustrine record and paleogeography in the Quillagua-Llamara basin, Central Andean fore-arc (Northern Chile)Sáez, Alberto; Cabrera, Lluís; Jensen, A.; Chong, Guillermo
1994Sedimentación lacustre en la Cuenca Cenozoica de As Pontes (A Coruña)Sáez, Alberto; Cabrera, Lluís
2002Sedimentological and palaeohydrological responses to tectonics and climate in a small, closed lacustrine system: Oligocene As Pontes Basin (Spain)Sáez, Alberto; Cabrera, Lluís
2003Paleoenvironmental significance of a new species of freshwater sponge from the Late Miocene Quillagua Formation (N Chile)Pisera, A.; Sáez, Alberto
1987Coal deposition in carbonate rich shallow Lacustrine systems: The Calaf and Mequinenza sequences (Oligocene, eastern Ebro Basin, NE Spain)Cabrera, Lluís; Sáez, Alberto
3-Oct-201420 Myr of eccentricity paced lacustrine cycles in the Cenozoic Ebro BasinValero, Luis; Garcés, Miguel; Cabrera, Lluís; Costa Gisbert, Elisenda; Sáez, Alberto
Dec-2009Glacial to Holocene climate changes in the SE Pacific. The Raraku Lake sedimentary record (Easter Island, 27ºS)Sáez, Alberto; Valero Garcés, Blas Lorenzo; Giralt Romeu, Santiago; Moreno, Ana; Bao Casal, Roberto; Pueyo Mur, Juan José; Hernández Hernández, Armand; Casas Layola, David