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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-2013Thick-skinned tectonic style resulting from inversion of previous structures in the Southern Cordillera Oriental (NW Argentine Andes)Carrera García de Cortázar, Núria; Muñoz, J. A.
16-May-2013Basin fragmentation controlled by tectonic inversion and basement uplift in Sierras Pampeanas and Santa Bárbara System, Northwest ArgentinaIaffa, D. N.; Sàbat i Montserrat, Francesc; Muñoz, J. A.; Carrera García de Cortázar, Núria
24-Feb-2016Basement-involved reactivation in foreland fold and thrust belts: the Alpine-Carpathian Junction (Austria)Granado, P.; Thöny, W.; Carrera García de Cortázar, Núria; Gratzer, O.; Strauss, P.; Muñoz, J. A.
Jul-2016Inversión cenozoica de la Cuenca mesozoica del Maestrat: evolución cinemática del cinturón de pliegues y cabalgamientos desarrollado en su margen norte (Cadena Ibérica oriental)Nebot, M.; Guimerà i Rosso, Joan J.
Jun-2016Structure of an inverted basin from subsurface and field data: the Late Jurassic- Early Cretaceous Maestrat Basin (Iberian Chain)Nebot Miralles, Marina; Guimerà i Rosso, Joan J.
15-Aug-2014The role of neo-tectonics in the sedimentary infilling and geomorphological evolution of the Guadalquivir estuary (Gulf of Cadiz, SW Spain) during the Holocene.Rodríguez Ramírez, Antonio; Flores-Hurtado, E.; Contreras, Carmen; Villarías-Robles, J.J.R.; Jiménez-Moreno, G.; Pérez-Asensio, José N. (José Noel); López-Sáez, J.A.; Celestino Pérez, Sebastián, 1957-; Cerrillo-Cuenca, E.; León, A.
2011Variscan and Alpine structure of the hills of Barcelona: geology in an urban areaSantanach i Prat, Pere F., 1946-; Casas Tuset, Josep Maria; Gratacós Torrà, Òscar; Liesa Torre-Marín, Montserrat; Muñoz, J. A.; Sàbat i Montserrat, Francesc
Sep-2013Multidetachment analogue models of fold reactivation in transpression: The NW Persian GulfSoleimany, B.; Nalpas, Thierry; Sàbat i Montserrat, Francesc
Dec-2018Structure of an intraplate fold-and-thrust belt: The Iberian Chain. A synthesisGuimerà i Rosso, Joan J
2011Electrical signature of modern and ancient tectonic processes in the crust of the Atlas mountains of Morocco.Ledo Fernández, Juanjo; Jones, Alan G.; Siniscalchi, Agata; Campanyà, Joan; Kiyan, Duygu; Romano, Gerardo; Rouai, Mohamed; TopoMed MT Team