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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Effect of the magnetic field on the magnetostructural phase transition in Gd5(SixGe1-x)4Casanova i Fernàndez, Fèlix; Labarta, Amílcar; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier; Marcos, Jordi; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni; Brion, Sophie de
1995Evidence of extended orientational order in amorphous Fe/Sm thin filmsRuiz, J. M.; Zhang, Xixiang; Ferrater Martorell, Cèsar; Tejada Palacios, Javier
1997Interaction effects and energy barrier distribution on the magnetic relaxation of nanocrystalline hexagonal ferritesBatlle Gelabert, Xavier; García del Muro y Solans, Montserrat; Labarta, Amílcar
1999Resonant spin tunneling in small antiferromagnetic particlesLuis, F.; Barco, Enrique del, 1968-; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Remiro, E.; Bartolomé, J.; Tejada Palacios, Javier
1997Thermally activated and field-tuned tunneling in Mn12Ac studied by ac magnetic susceptibilityLuis, F.; Bartolomé, J.; Fernández, J. F.; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Zhang, Xixiang; Ziolo, R. F.
1997Evidence for resonant tunneling of magnetization in Mn12 acetate complexHernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Zhang, Xixiang; Luis, F.; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Friedman, Jonathan R.; Sarachik, M. P.; Ziolo, R. F.
1996Quantum decay of metastable states in small magnetic particlesMiguel López, María del Carmen; Chudnovsky, Eugene M., 1948-
1996Magnetic properties and domain-wall motion in single-crystal BaFe10.2Sn0.74Co0.66O19Zhang, Xixiang; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Solé Vicente, Ricard, 1962-; Ruiz, Xavier (Ruiz Martí)
1996Magnetic properties, relaxation, and quantum tunneling in CoFe2O4 nanoparticles embedded in potassium silicateZhang, Xixiang; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Ziolo, R. F.
1999Spin-phonon avalanches in Mn-12 acetateBarco, Enrique del, 1968-; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Sales i Pardo, Marta; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Chudnovsky, Eugene M., 1948-; Broto, J. M.; Rakoto, H.