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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Heat transfer between nanoparticles: Thermal conductance for near-field interactionsPérez Madrid, Agustín; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel; Lapas, L. C.
2003Quantum suppression of shot noise in field emittersBulashenko, Oleg; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
2003Shot-noise spectroscopy of energy resolved ballistic currentsNaspreda, M.; Bulashenko, Oleg; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1986Internal and external fluctuations around nonequilibrium steady states in one-dimensional heat-conduction problemsDíaz Guilera, Albert; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1990Light scattering from suspensions under external gradientsBonet i Avalos, Josep; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel; Rodríguez, R.; Pérez Madrid, Agustín
1986Hydrodynamic fluctuations in fluids under external gradientsPérez Madrid, Agustín; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1988Fluctuations in finite systems: fluctuations in fluids in thermocapillary motionSalueña Pérez, Clara; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1987Generalized Onsager symmetryDufty, James W.; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1991Onsager symmetry principle for a particle moving through a fluid not in equilibriumRubí Capaceti, José Miguel; Pérez Madrid, Agustín
1991Finite-size effects in nonequilibrium correlation functionsTorner, L.; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel