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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018Force feedback effects on single molecule hopping and pulling experimentsRico Pastó, Marc; Pastor del Campo, Isabel; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
11-Sep-2018Biophysical properties of single rotavirus particles account for the functions of protein shells in a multilayered virusJimenez-Zaragoza, Manuel; Yubero, Marina P.L.; Martin-Forero, Esther; Caston, José R.; Reguera, D. (David); Luque, Daniel; De Pablo, P.J.; Rodriguez, Javier M.
9-Jan-2014Exchange bias effect in Au-Fe3O4 nanocompositesChandra, S.; Frey, N.; Phan, M.-H.; Srinath, S.; García, M. A.; Lee, Y.; Wang, C.; Sun, S.; Iglesias, Òscar; Srikanth, H.
4-Apr-2011Magnetic nanoparticles with bulk-like propertiesBatlle Gelabert, Xavier; Pérez, N.; Guardia, Pablo; Iglesias, Òscar; Labarta, Amílcar; Bartolomé, F.; García, L.M.; Bartolomé, J.; Roca, A.G.; Morales, M. P.; Serna, C.J.
27-May-2011Pseudocritical behavior of ferromagnetic pure and random diluted nanoparticles with competing interactions: variational and Monte Carlo approaches.Velásquez, E.A.; Mazo-Zuluaga, J.; Restrepo, Johans; Iglesias, Òscar
20-Mar-2009Magnetic domains and surface effects in hollow maghemite nanoparticlesCabot i Codina, Andreu; Alivisatos, A. Paul; Puntes, Víctor F.; Balcells i Argemí, Lluís; Iglesias, Òscar; Labarta, Amílcar
9-Feb-2009Exchange bias in laterally oxidized Au/Co/Au nanopillars.Balcells i Argemí, Lluís; Martínez Boubeta, C; Iglesias, Òscar; García-Martín, J. M.; Cebollada, A.; García-Martín, A.; Armelles, G.; Sepúlveda, B.; Alaverdyan, Y.
2014Equilibrium and dynamic behaviour of (weakly) interacting assemblies of magnetic nanoparticlesVernay, F.; Sabsabi, Z.; Iglesias, Òscar; Kachkachi, H.
1-Jun-2008Exchange bias phenomenology and models of core/shell nanoparticlesIglesias, Òscar; Labarta, Amílcar; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier
25-Oct-2018Clogging and jamming of colloidal monolayers driven across disordered landscapesStoop, Ralph L.; Tierno, Pietro
15-Oct-2015Reversible adiabatic temperature changes at the magnetocaloric and barocaloric effects in Fe49Rh51Stern Taulats, Enric; Gràcia Condal, Adrià; Planes Vila, Antoni; Lloveras, Pol; Barrio, María; Tamarit Josep Lluís; Pramanick, Sabyasachi; Majumdar, Subham; Mañosa, Lluís
1-Mar-2017Membrane-Assisted Viral DNA EjectionSantos Pérez, Isaac; Oksanen, Hanna M.; Bamford, Dennis H.; Goñi, Felix M.; Reguera, D. (David); Abrescia, Nicola G. A.
31-Oct-2018Resource heterogeneity leads to unjust effort distribution in climate change mitigationVicens, Julián; Bueno-Guerra, Nereida; Gutiérrez-Roig, Mario; Gracia-Lázaro, Carlos; Gómez-Gardeñes, Jesús; Perelló, Josep, 1974-; Sánchez, Angel; Moreno, Yamir; Duch i Gavaldà, Jordi
28-Mar-2016Key Parameters Controlling the Performance of Catalytic MotorsEsplandiú, María J.; Afshar Farniya, Alí; Reguera, D. (David)
18-Jan-2019Equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermodynamics of a photon gas in the near fieldPérez Madrid, Agustín; Lapas, L. C.; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1-Sep-2015Tailoring barocaloric and magnetocaloric properties in low-hysteresis magnetic shape memory alloysStern Taulats, Enric; Planes Vila, Antoni; Lloveras, Pol; Barrio, María; Tamarit, Josep Lluís; Pramanick, Sabyasachi; Majumdar, Subham; Yüce, Suheyla; Emre, Baris; Frontera, Carlos; Mañosa, Lluís
30-Nov-2012Direct observation of stalled fork restart via fork regression in the T4 replication systemMañosas Castejón, María; Perumal, Senthil K.; Croquette, Vincent; Benkovic, Stephen J.
14-Jan-2019Telegraphic processes with stochastic resettingsMasoliver, Jaume, 1951-
6-Dec-2018Citizen Social Lab: a digital platform for human behavior experimentation within a citizen science frameworkVicens, Julián; Perelló, Josep, 1974-; Duch i Gavaldà, Jordi
6-Jul-2016Rescue of endemic states in interconnected networks with adaptive couplingVázquez, F.; Serrano Moral, Ma. Ángeles (María Ángeles); San Miguel, Maxi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 781