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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2018Concavity, response functions and replica energyCampa, Alessandro; Casetti, L.; Latella, Ivan; Pérez Madrid, Agustín; Ruffo, S.
1995L'àlgebra vectorial. Una història que ens cal reescriureParra Serra, Josep Manel
4-Sep-2012Confinement of Anomalous Liquids in Nanoporous MatricesStrekalova, E. G.; Luo, J.; Stanley, H. E.; Franzese, Giancarlo; Buldyrev, S. V.
12-Sep-2011Spatial Fluctuations of Loose Spin Coupling in CuMn/Co MultilayersSaerbeck, T.; Loh, N.; Lott, D.; Toperverg, B. P.; Mulders, A. M.; Fraile Rodríguez, Arantxa; Freeland, J. W.; Ali, M.; Hickey, B. J.; Stampfl, A. P. J.; Klos, F.; Stamps, R. L.
17-Jun-2011Colloid Electrophoresis for Strong and Weak Ion DiffusivityGiupponi, Giovanni; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio
2-Mar-2011Weak Disorder: Anomalous Transport and Diffusion Are Normal Yet AgainKhoury Arvelo, María José; Lacasta, A. M.; Sancho, José M.; Lindenberg, K.
3-Mar-2009Avalanches and non-gaussian fluctuations of the global velocity of imbibition frontsPlanet Latorre, Ramon; Santucci, Stéphane; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-
9-Jul-2010Comment on "Avalanches and Non-Gaussian Fluctuations of the Global Velocity of Imbibition Fronts"Planet Latorre, Ramon; Santucci, Stéphane; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-
23-Apr-2008Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Premartensitic Transition in Ni2 MnGaOpeil, C. P.; Mihaila, B.; Schulze, R. K.; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni; Hults, W. L.; Fisher, R. A.; Riseborough, P. S.; Littlewood, P. B.; Smith, J. L.; Lashley, J. C.
26-Nov-2008Dynamic Characterization of Permeabilities and Flows in MicrochannelsCastro, M.; Bravo Gutiérrez, M. E.; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Corvera Poiré, E.
10-May-2011Pinning and Avalanches in Hydrophobic MicrochannelsQueralt Martín, María; Pradas Gené, Marc; Rodriguez Trujillo, Romen; Arundell, M.; Corvera Poiré, E.; Hernández Machado, Aurora
11-Apr-2018Multicaloric materials and effectsStern Taulats, Enric; Castán i Vidal, Maria Teresa; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni; Mathur, Neil D.; Moya Raposo, Xavier
28-Sep-2018Intermitten dynamics in externally driven ferroelastics and strain glassesPorta Tena, Marcel; Castán i Vidal, Maria Teresa; Lloveras, Pol; Saxena, A. (Avadh); Planes Vila, Antoni
30-Aug-2005Anomalous Roughening of Viscous Fluid Fronts in Spontaneous ImbibitionSoriano i Fradera, Jordi; Mercier, A.; Planet Latorre, Ramon; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Rodríguez, M. A.; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-
30-Oct-2006Percolation in Living Neural NetworksBreskin, Ilan; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Moses, Elisha; Tlusty, Tsvi
18-Dec-2006Hydra Molecular Network Reaches Criticality at the Symmetry-Breaking Axis-Defining MomentSoriano i Fradera, Jordi; Colombo, Cyril; Ott, Albrecht
24-Nov-2009Universality of Persistence Exponents in Two-Dimensional Ostwald RipeningSoriano i Fradera, Jordi; Braslavsky, Ido; Xu, Di; Krichevsky, Oleg; Stavans, Joel
15-Jan-2018Physical properties of voltage gated poresRamírez Piscina, Laureano; Sancho, José M.
28-Jan-2018Probing the variability in oxidation states of magnetite nanoparticles by single-particle spectroscopyFraile Rodríguez, Arantxa; Moya Álvarez, Carlos; Escoda-Torroella, M.; Romero, A.; Labarta, Amílcar; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier
22-Mar-2006Condensation Transition in DNA-Polyaminoamide Dendrimer Fibers Studied Using Optical TweezersRitort Farran, Fèlix; Mihardja, S.; Smith, S.B.; Bustamante, C.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 857