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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2017The Continuous time random walk, still trendy, fifty-year history, state of art and outlookKutner, Ryszard; Masoliver, Jaume, 1951-
18-May-2017Dominance of metric correlations in two-dimensional neuronal cultures described through a Random Field Ising ModelHernández Navarro, Lluís; Orlandi, Javier G.; Cerruti, Benedetta; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi
18-Apr-2017Deviation from bulk in the pressure-temperature phase diagram of V2O3 thin filmsValmianski, I.; Gabriel Ramirez, Juan; Urban, C.; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier; Schuller, Ivan K.
30-Jan-2018Metabolic plasticity in synthetic lethal mutants: viability at higher costMassucci, Francesco Alessandro; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc; Serrano Moral, Ma. Ángeles (María Ángeles)
11-Nov-2016Probing core and shell contributions to exchange bias in Co/Co3O4 nanoparticles of controlled sizeDe, D.; Iglesias, Òscar; Majumdar, S.; Giri, S.
27-Oct-2015Spin-glass-like freezing of inner and outer surface layers in hollow γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticlesKhurshid, H.; Lampen-Kelly, P.; Iglesias, Òscar; Alonso, J.; Phan, M.-H.; Sun, Cheng-Jun; Saboungie, Marie-Louise; Srikanth, Hariharan
21-Feb-2018Advances in colloidal manipulation and transport via hydrodynamic interactionsMartinez Pedrero, Fernando; Tierno, Pietro
21-Sep-2017Spontaneous non-canonical assembly of CcmK hexameric components from beta-carboxysome shells of cyanobacteriaGarcia-Alles, Luis F.; Lesniewska, Eric; Root, Katharina; Aubry, Nathalie; Pocholle, Nicolas; Mendoza, Carlos I.; Bourillot, Eric; Barylyuk, Konstantin; Pompon, Denis; Zenobi, Renato; Reguera, D. (David); Truan, Gilles
10-Aug-2017How the stability of a folded protein depends on interfacial water properties and residue-residue interactionsBianco, Valentino; Pagès Gelabert, Neus; Coluzza, Ivan; Franzese, Giancarlo
1-Aug-2017Three-dimensional telegrapher's equation and its fractional generalizationMasoliver, Jaume, 1951-
4-Apr-2017Power conversion efficiency of non-equilibrium light absorptionSantamaría Holek, I.; López Alamilla, N. J.; Pérez Madrid, Agustín
28-Feb-2018Quantitative account of social interactions in a mental health care ecosystem: cooperation, trust and collective actionCigarini, Anna; Vicens, Julián; Duch i Gavaldà, Jordi; Sánchez, Angel; Perelló, Josep, 1974-
8-Feb-2018Effects of heterogeneous social interactions on flocking dynamicsMiguel López, María del Carmen; Parley, Jack T.; Pastor-Satorras, R. (Romualdo), 1967-
3-Jul-2012Role of network topology in the synchronization of power systemsLozano, Sergi; Buzna, Lubos; Díaz Guilera, Albert
Jul-2012Synchronization of moving integrate and fire oscillatorsPrignano, Luce; Sagarra Pascual, Oleguer Josep; Gleiser, Pablo M.; Díaz Guilera, Albert
25-Jul-2014The configuration multi-edge model: Assessing the effect of fixing node strengths on weighted network magnitudesSagarra Pascual, Oleguer Josep; Font-Clos, F.; Pérez-Vicente, Conrado, 1962-; Díaz Guilera, Albert
23-Jan-2017Long-range interacting systems in the unconstrained ensembleLatella, I.; Pérez Madrid, Agustín; Campa, Alessandro; Casetti, L.; Ruffo, S.
2-Jun-2017Food-Bridging: A New Network Construction to Unveil the Principles of CookingSimas, T.; Ficek, M.; Díaz Guilera, Albert; Obrador, P.; Rodriguez, P. R.
9-Jun-2017Wiring the Past: A Network Science Perspective on the Challenge of Archeological Similarity NetworksPrignano, Luce; Morer, I.; Díaz Guilera, Albert
1-Dec-2016Chimera states in a network-organized public goods game with destructive agentsKouvaris, Nikos E.; Requejo, Ruben J.; Hizanidis, Johanne; Díaz Guilera, Albert
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 724