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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jun-2022Scale‑free behavioral cascades and effective leadership in schooling fishMúgica, Julia; Torrents, Jordi; Cristín, Javier; Puy, Andreu; Miguel López, María del Carmen; Pastor Satorras, Romualdo
1-Feb-2022New knowledge environments: On the possibility of a citizen social sciencePerelló, Josep, 1974-
28-Dec-2021Nanoconfined Fluids: Uniqueness of Water Compared to Other LiquidsLeoni, Fabio; Calero Borrallo, Carles; Franzese, Giancarlo
29-Jul-2021Author Correction: The origin of hysteresis and memory of two-phase flow in disordered mediaHoltzman, Ran; Dentz, Marco; Planet Latorre, Ramon; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-
17-Aug-2021Multiphase CFD modeling of front propagation in a Hele-Shaw cell featuring a localized constrictionMac Intyre, Jonatan R.; Puisto, Antti; Korhonen, Marko; Alava, Mikko J.; Ortín, Jordi, 1959-
2021On Gaussian curvature and membrane fissionRueda-Contreras, M.D.; Fernández Gallén, Andreu; Romero-Arias, José; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Barrio, Rafael A.
2022Dynamical shapes of droplets of cyclodextrin/surfactants solutionsRomero-Arias, José; Luviano, Alberto S.; Costas, Miguel; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Barrio, Rafael A.
2022Membrane rigidity regulates E. coli proliferation ratesSalinas-Almaguer, Samuel; Mell, Michael; Almendro-Vedia, Victor G.; Calero, Macarena; Robledo-Sanchez, K.V.M.; Ruiz-Suarez, Carlos; Alarcón Cor, Tomás; Barrio, Rafael A.; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Monroy, Francisco
2021Pitting of malaria parasites in microfluidic devices mimicking spleen interendothelial slitsElizalde Torrent, Aleix; Trejo Soto, Claudia Andre; Mendez-Mora, Lourdes; Nicolau, Marc; Ezama, Oihane; Gualdron-Lopez, Melisa; Fernandez-Becerra, Carmen; Alarcón Cor, Tomás; Hernández Machado, Aurora; Portillo Obando, Hernando A. del
9-Jan-2022Role of Time Scales in the Coupled Epidemic-Opinion Dynamics on Multiplex NetworksJankowski, Robert; Chmiel, Anna
2022Normalization of blood viscosity according to the hematocrit and the shear rateTrejo Soto, Claudia Andrea; Hernández Machado, Aurora
May-2019Modelling terrestrial route networks to understand inter-polity interactions (southern Etruria, 950-500 BC)Prignano, Luce; Morer, Ignacio; Fulminante, Francesca; Lozano, Sergi
24-Jan-2022Collective durotaxis of cohesive cell clusters on a stiffness gradientPi Jaumà, Irina; Alert Zenón, Ricard; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume
5-Jan-2022Indistinguishable elements in the origins of quantum statistics. The case of Fermi-Dirac statistics.Pérez Canals, Enric; Ibáñez, Joana
15-Mar-2022Efficient spin pumping into metallic SrVO3 epitaxial filmsMacià Bros, Ferran; Mirjolet, M.; Fontcuberta, J.
13-Dec-2021Citizen science at public libraries: Data on librarians and users perceptions of participating in a citizen science project in Catalunya, SpainCigarini, Anna; Bonhoure, Isabelle; Vicens, Julián; Perelló, Josep, 1974-
22-Feb-2022Dynamics and interactions of magnetically driven colloidal microrotorsHernández Hernández, Raúl Josué; Fischer, Thomas M.; Tierno, Pietro
17-Nov-2021Hydrodynamic Interactions Can Induce Jamming in Flow-Driven SystemsCereceda-López, Eric; Lips, Dominik; Ortiz-Ambriz, Antonio; Ryabov, Artem; Maass, Philipp; Tierno, Pietro
26-Nov-2021Advances in the study of supercooled waterGallo, Paola; Bachler, Johannes; Bove, Livia E.; Böhmer, Roland; Camisasca, Gaia; Coronas, Luis E.; Corti, Horacio R.; Almeida Ribeiro, Ingrid de; Koning, Maurice de; Franzese, Giancarlo; Fuentes Landete, Violeta; Gainaru, Catalin; Loerting, Thomas; Montes de Oca, Joan Manuel; Poole, Peter H.; Rovere, Mauro; Sciortino, Francesco; Tonauer, Christina M.; Appignanesi, Gustavo A.
4-Oct-2021Thermally active nanoparticle clusters enslaved by engineered domain wall trapsTierno, Pietro; Johansen, Tom H.; Straube, Arthur V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1095