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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2018From vineyards to feedlots: a fund-flow scanning of sociometabolic transition in the Vallès County (Catalonia) 1860-1956-1999Marco Lafuente, Inés; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Cattaneo, Claudio; Caravaca, Jonathan; Tello, Enric
Oct-2017Why TTIP is an unprecedented geopolitical game-changer, but not a Polanyian momentEliasson, Leif Johan; Garcia-Duran Huet, Patricia
Apr-2019Learning from giants: Early exposure to advance markets in the growth and internationalisation of Spanish health care corporations in the twentieth centuryFernández Pérez, Paloma, 1964-; Puig Raposo, Núria; García-Canal, Esteban; Guillén, Mauro F.
1-Apr-2018Exploring the links between social metabolism and biodiversity distribution across landscape gradients: A regional-scale contribution to the land-sharing versus land-sparing debateMarull López, Joan; Tello, Enric; Bagaria Morató, Guillem; Font i Castell, Xavier; Cattaneo, Claudio; Pino i Vilalta, Joan
Apr-2019Health Industries in the Twentieth Century. IntroductionDonzé, Pierre-Yves; Fernández Pérez, Paloma, 1964-
Jun-2019Entrepreneurship and management in the therapeutic revolution: The modernisation of laboratories and hospitals in Barcelona, 1880-1960Fernández Pérez, Paloma, 1964-; Sabaté i Casellas, Ferran
2018Success in entering the labour market: Principal component factor analysis of labour competencesRiera i Prunera, Maria Carme; Rodríguez Ávila, Núria; Blasco, Yolanda; Pujol Jover, Maria; López-Tamayo, Jordi
2018Juan Infante Amate (2014): ¿Quién levantó los olivos? Historia de la especialización olivarera del sur de España (ss. XVIII-XX). Madrid: Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, 348 p. [Ressenya de llibre]Ramon-Muñoz, Ramon, 1967-
2007La vinya al Vallès: una perspectiva històricaPlanas i Maresma, Jordi, 1963-
Jul-2018Imprinting and early exposure to developed international markets: The case of the new multinationalsGarcía-Canal, Esteban; Guillén, Mauro F.; Fernández Pérez, Paloma, 1964-; Puig Raposo, Núria