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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016El passat agrari de Mollet del VallèsPlanas i Maresma, Jordi, 1963-
Mar-2018Official Bolivian Trade Statistics (1910-1949): Landlockness and the limits of a standard accuracy approachPeres Cajías, José Alejandro; Carreras Marín, Anna
2018TTIP Negotiations: interest groups, anti-TTIP civil society campaigns and public opinionGarcia-Duran Huet, Patricia; Eliasson, Leif Johan
Feb-2019International institutions and domestic policy: assessing the influence of multilateral pressure on the European Union's agricultural policyGarcia-Duran Huet, Patricia; Casanova Domenech, Miriam; Eliasson, Leif Johan
2019Technological change, opening and internationalization of Spanish telecommunications. The transition to the third generation of mobile telephonyCalvo Calvo, Ángel, 1949-
2017The stagflation crisis and the European automotive industry, 1973-85Catalán, Jordi
2018Growth and Regional Disparities in South America, 1890-1960Badia-Miró, Marc; Nicolini, Esteban A.; Willebald, Henry
2017Supporters' responses to contested trade negotiations: the European Commission's rhetoric on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment PartnershipGarcia-Duran Huet, Patricia; Eliasson, Leif Johan
2019The creation and transfer of entrepreneurship in emerging economies of the world. An approach through large family-owned corporations of China, Mexico and BrazilFernández-Moya, María; Fernández Pérez, Paloma, 1964-
Aug-2018A landscape ecology assessment of land-use change on the Great Plains-Denver (CO, USA) metropolitan edgeMarull López, Joan; Cunfer, Geoff; Sylvester, Kenneth; Tello, Enric