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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2016Paramagnetic spherical nanoparticles by the self-assembly of persistent trityl radicalsMarin-Montesinos, I.; Paniagua, Juan Carlos; Peman, Alejandro; Vilaseca Casas, Marta; Luis, F.; Van Doorslaer, S.; Pons Vallès, Miquel
23-Oct-2018The two isoforms of Lyn display different intramolecular fuzzy complexes with the SH3 domainTeixeira, Joao M. C.; Fuentes, Héctor; Bielskute, Stase; Gairí Tahull, Margarida; Zerko, Szymon; Kozminski, Wiktor; Pons Vallès, Miquel
4-May-2018All-trans-retinoic acid activates the pro-invasive Src-YAP-Interleukin 6 axis in triple-negative MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells while cerivastatin reverses this actionMezquita Mas, Betlem; Mezquita, Pau; Pau, Montserrat; Gasa, Laura; Navarro, Lourdes; Samitier, Mireia; Pons Vallès, Miquel; Mezquita Pla, Cristóbal
Jun-2009Differential regulation of horizontally acquired and core genome genes by the bacterial modulator H-NSBaños Molina, Rosa Carmen; Vivero, Aitziber; Aznar Vicente, Sonia; García, Jesús; Pons Vallès, Miquel; Madrid Xufré, Cristina; Juárez Giménez, Antonio
22-May-2019DNA specificities modulate the binding of human transcription factor A to mitochondrial DNA control regionCuppari, Anna; Fernández Millán, Pablo; Battistini, Federica; Tarrés Solé, Aleix; Lyonnais, Sebastien; Iruela, Guillermo; Ruiz López, Elena; Enciso, Yuliana; Rubio Cosials, Anna; Prohens, Rafel; Pons Vallès, Miquel; Alfonso, Carlos; Tóth, Katalin; Rivas, German; Orozco López, Modesto; Solà, Maria
Nov-2011Indirect DNA Readout by an H-NS Related Protein: Structure of the DNA Complex of the C-Terminal Domain of LerCordeiro, Tiago N.; Schmidt, Holger; Madrid Xufré, Cristina; Juárez Giménez, Antonio; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Griesinger, Christian; García, Jesús; Pons Vallès, Miquel
18-Feb-2013Lipid binding by the unique and SH3 domains of c-Src suggests a new regulation mechanismPérez, Yolanda; Mattei, Mariano; Igea, Ana; Amata, Irene; Gairí Tahull, Margarida; Nebreda, Àngel R.; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Pons Vallès, Miquel
14-Jul-2016A C2HC zinc finger is essential for the RING-E2 interaction of the ubiquitin ligase RNF125Bijlmakers, Marie-Jose; Teixeira, Joao M. C.; Boer, Roeland; Mayzel, Maxim; Puig-Sàrries, Pilar; Karlsson, Goran; Coll, Miquel; Pons Vallès, Miquel; Crosas i Navarro, Bernat
30-Apr-2018Intramolecular fuzzy interactions involving intrinsically disordered domainsArbesú Andrés, Miguel; Iruela, Guillermo; Fuentes, Héctor; Teixeira, Joao M. C.; Pons Vallès, Miquel
23-Apr-2015The SH3 domain acts as a scaffold for the N-terminal intrinsically disordered regions of c-SrcMaffei, Mariano, 1985-; Arbesú Andrés, Miguel; Le Roux, Anabel-Lise; Amata, Irene; Roche, Serge; Pons Vallès, Miquel