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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2013Protein oligomers studied by solid-state NMR the case of the full-length nucleoid-associated protein histone-like nucleoid structuring proteinRenault, Marie; García, Jesús; Cordeiro, Tiago N.; Baldus, Marc; Pons Vallès, Miquel
Nov-2011Indirect DNA Readout by an H-NS Related Protein: Structure of the DNA Complex of the C-Terminal Domain of LerCordeiro, Tiago N.; Schmidt, Holger; Madrid Xufré, Cristina; Juárez Giménez, Antonio; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Griesinger, Christian; García, Jesús; Pons Vallès, Miquel
28-Aug-2015A three-protein charge zipper stabilizes a protein complex modulating bacterial gene silencingCordeiro, Tiago N.; García, Jesús; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Millet, O.; Pons Vallès, Miquel
8-Dec-2016An oxygen-sensitive toxin-antitoxin systemMarimon Garrido, Oriol; Teixeira, Joao M. C.; Cordeiro, Tiago N.; Soo, Valerie W. C.; Wood, Thammajun L.; Mayzel, Maxim; Amata, Irene; Gracía, Jesús; Morera, Ainara; Gay i Marín, Marina; Vilaseca Casas, Marta; Orekhov, Vladislav Yu; Wood, Thomas K.; Pons Vallès, Miquel
16-Mar-2017Evidence for conserved fuzzy complexes involving a preorganized Unique domain in the Src family of kinasesArbesú Andrés, Miguel; Maffei, Mariano, 1985- ; Cordeiro, Tiago N.; Teixeira, Joao M. C.; Pérez, Yolanda; Bernadó Peretó, Pau; Roche, Serge; Pons Vallès, Miquel
1-Nov-2012Oligomerization and DNA binding of Ler, a master regulator of pathogenicity of enterohemorrhagic and enteropathogenic Escherichia coliGarcía, Jesús; Cordeiro, Tiago N.; Prieto Villanueva, Ma. José; Pons Vallès, Miquel